Disability and Learning Differences

The University of Derby is committed to equal opportunities and this policy aims to ensure that individuals with disabilities and learning differences receive fair treatment, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

As part of your application, we ask that you inform us about any long-term health condition, disability or specific learning difference.  All applications are reviewed for academic suitability first and foremost. If an applicant is suitable for an offer we will then assess your support needs in relation to your disability/learning difference and the requirements of the course/profession you are applying for. 

In some cases prior to making an offer, we may refer your application to our Student Wellbeing Team who will then contact you directly for further information and assessment.  This information will help us assess any support needs you may have. 

If the course you are applying for requires you to satisfy an occupational health assessment, your disability/learning differences will be reviewed jointly with this to ensure that you meet the necessary fitness requirement and to provide any essential support and reasonable adjustments.  For some courses, due to required competence or professional standards, there may be limitations to the adjustments that can be made. If we are unable to make an adjustment we will communicate this to you as soon as possible, providing a clear justification.

The University will treat your information confidentially.