Previous Nominees - Young Adventurers Awards - University of Derby

Previous Nominees

Every year we receive fantastic nominations for some of the best young adventurers in the UK

Jessica Beresford - 16 years old

Club Coach at Midland Canoe Club, Ben Seal, nominated Jess who attends Heanor Gate Science College in Derbyshire.  Ben said Jess is an inspiration to everyone at Midland CC: "Her thirst for exploring the sport of canoeing has led her from beginner to being one of the most competent paddlers in the club. Even at her young age she leads adults on white water trips, showing great skill and confidence – always with a beaming smile!"

Finnbarr Brooks - 10 years old

Finnbarr, of Denstone College Prep School, Staffordshire, was nominated and shortlisted for his achievements as a National Windsurfer and he had started taking part in National Speed Skating events. His mum, Charlotte, said he had taken his skating to a new level. At nine years old he became the National Champion for Indoor Inline Speed Skating, followed by triumphing again as the National Outdoor Champion. Finnbarr worked tirelessly at Rollerworld in Derby to train and improve his speed and technique.

Billy Cockrell - 15 years old

GB Junior Snowboard Team member, Billy Cockrell, from Eckington Comprehensive, was nominated by Derbyshire Sport for his impressive record in competitions including a 5th place in the World Rookie Fest Slopestyle in France in the Grom category and first places in the British SnowTour Rankings 2013/14 (1st Overall); British Slopestyle Championships Youth Category in France (1st Youth, 4th Overall); British Indoor Championships (1st Youth, 3rd overall); English Indoor Championships (1st Youth, 3rd Overall); and the Scottish Championships (1st Youth).

Dana Heath - 15 years old

Dana, of Westwood College in Leek, Staffordshirte, was nominated by her cousin, Paul, grandmother, Janet, and dad, Mark, for her volunteering and leadership. She’s gained 13 Scout badges in just six months and never says no to helping anyone. Dana is type 1 Diabetic – insulin dependent. Since joining the Explorers she’s raised more than £600 for her unit. An experienced climber, she’s training for her permit to take other Explorers, Scouts, and Cubs out, and is also training to be a Young Leader. When a fellow Duke of Edinburgh team member hurt their knee during training, Dana carried his rucksack as well as her own, which meant she had to drop out.

April-Rose Dalley - 7 years old

Mum, Sherry, nominated April-Rose, from Osmaston Primary School in Ashbourne, for her adventurous spirit: "April-Rose is an inspiration; she overcomes adversity and continually challenges herself.” Her main pursuit is horse riding - from pony trekking in the Welsh and Derbyshire countryside to taking lessons - which is extraordinary given she is visually impaired with congenital bilateral cataracts, which she doesn’t like to share with her fellow horse riders as she believes she is no different. She also loves climbing and walking with her Dad. Her favourite place is Thorpe Cloud early on Saturday mornings, which she described as being "on top of the world". Her ambition is to one day work for National Geographic and explore and protect the world.