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Professional development

Our aim is for you as a Derby graduate to be confident in your profession.

Professional Development in Sport and Exercise (PDSE)

Whilst studying the sport and exercise degrees at the University of Derby you will also initiate your professional development within sport and exercise that will enhance your employability on graduating. Your time at university is not only about gaining a degree but is an opportunity to see personal development in terms of generic skills that employers look for in their employees.

Generic skills include for example: communication skills, problem solving, working with others, self-awareness, working independently, time management, research skills, critical thinking, and presentation skills. These skills will be enhanced throughout the degrees via an embedded professional development programme. This programme provides students with guidance on developing these skills, opportunities to discuss their progress with a personal tutor and a scheme of sessions that form our Steps to Success scheme.

Step to Success (S2S)

The S2S scheme includes specialised sessions throughout years' one, two and three which help students focus on developing certain employability skills as they progress through the degree. These sessions include enhancing practical skills like writing CV's and mock interviews as well as career development workshops and visiting speaker sessions. Visiting speakers are invited to speak with students in order to provide insight into potential careers and what steps you need to take to get there.


Our aim is for you as a Derby Graduate to be confident in your profession; have generic skills as well as subject-specific skills and be self-aware in order to recognise your strengths and potential. Professional development is on-going; however, setting a good foundation whilst studying for your degree is the first step to reaching your potential which is what we aim to help you to do.