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Kellie Hathaway

Name: Kellie HathawayKellie Hathaway

Undergraduate degree: BA (Hons) Sport Management

Where were you based for your work placement and what were the reasons behind your choice?

I was based in Sheffield for the Special Olympics 2017. I chose this placement because I want to be a sporting event manager after University, therefore this placement gave me key real world learing experience.

What were you involved with?

As the Operations Manager for the sailing event, I managed a team of volunteers to run a successful event. My input started from when I was assigned to the role. In the months prior to the event, I was involved in the planning phase by organising volunteers, kit, catering, hospitality, equipment and most importantly making the connection between Special Olympics, volunteers, athletes, coaches and ‌the ‌venue stronger to allow for a more successful event.

How do you feel your work placement will help with your studies?

This will enable me to see how theory can relate to the practical. I've seen the processes a sporting event needs to go through in order for it to run successfully, this will allow me to support the research I do around this subject for my dissertation. The transferable skills learnt from the work placement include organisation, motivation and the ability to adapt to any situation.

What was your favourite part of your work placement experience?

Seeing the faces of the athletes as they received their Olympic medals knowing that they had a brilliant time after a successful event.

What would you say to anyone interested in doing a work placement as part of their course?

I would say definitely take up the opportunity to complete a work placement. Not only does it allow you to network with people in the industry it gives you the skills needed for future employment. The experience gained from a work placement will put you ahead of other candidates for jobs as you have the knowledge needed.