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Ben de Vos

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Ben de Vos

Name: Ben de Vos

Undergraduate degree: BA (Hons) Sport Management

Why did you choose this degree course?

Having enjoyed a career in sport on the field, I felt the Sport Management course would be ideal in equipping me with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue a career in the sport industry; Not only through hands on experience through work placements with internationally recognised sports clubs and international events and experiencing the day to day running of sport as a business from a marketing, commercial, event management, media and financial point of view, but also gaining valuable experience with regards to entrepreneurship in general which could also be applied in any business environment, not only sport. 

Why did you choose this university?

The field based learning and working with well respected organisations such as Derby Football Club and Derbyshire County Cricket Club, was a big selling point for me. Having had several years working and management experience coming into university, I knew how much value work placements would add. Being able to apply the theory into the real world working environment, alongside experts in the field, was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned and I knew we'd be part of something special, being one of the first institutions in the country to be offering such an opportunity. I also felt that the University of Derby was fast becoming one of the better recognised universities in the country in terms of providing Sport related courses and I'm happy to say I'm not regretting that decision.

3 things you love about the degree course

  1. The work placements and opportunities offered to us in terms of working alongside experts in their industries and running events.
  2. It's never dull! If we don't find ourselves pitch side in front of 30,000 spectators or running an event, we have the privilege of listening to, meeting and networking with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry, not only offering us advice on how to become successful businessmen and -women, what it takes and the possible pitfalls to try and avoid, but also potentially being very useful contacts going forward.
  3. The study/work/life balance is perfect as far as I'm concerned. As a mature student this was a big concern as I knew I had to try and juggle work and family life alongside the studying but it's been great so far I'm happy to say going into my final year I've been able to enjoy a normal life alongside my studies, including some social times too!   

3 things you love about university life

  1. First and foremost the new friendships formed has to be one of the things I love most about university life. Meeting and getting to know people from around the globe, learning other cultures, habits and lifestyles which I think in terms of succeeding in the global business and/or leisure and sport industry is essential.
  2. University has offered me opportunities to try out social societies, activities and sport I would not normally have had an opportunity to take up or become part of.
  3. Above all, it's given me a chance to fulfill a chapter in my life I thought I'd missed out on when I chose a career in sport at a young age and travelling the world.

What career are you looking to move into once you graduate and why?

Originally when I joined university, I had my mind set on doing my PGCE in order to go into primary school teaching. Although I've not given up on that, I've managed to fall in love so much with university life, in particular Sport Management as a course, that I'm considering doing my Masters next year in the hope of perhaps becoming a higher education teacher or even university lecturer!! I have always had a love for teaching and I was fortunate to run a cricket academy for several years - being able to combine a passion for sport with the love for teaching was great. I think I'd like to continue that combination should an opportunity arise. If not, sports event organising, marketing or sports tourism would be my preferred career choices. I love the thrill organising and being involved in an event brings, marketing is diverse and what can be nicer than showcasing something you love and tourism... I just love meeting people, making new friendships and to be working in an environment where everyone shares the same common interest, in this case sport, how can it not be fun!