PhD research opportunities - Centre for Psychological Research - University of Derby

PhD research opportunities

The research centre is presently advertising a range of project areas that could be the basis for self-funded PhD projects. In each case, there is the potential to design a project to incorporate the specific interests of a PhD student. The project areas cover a range of topics including weight loss, reasoning, stress responses, language, maths anxiety, mastectomy, attentional biases, parenting, touch therapies, nature connectedness, and painkiller addiction.

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Weight loss maintenance

Reasoning fast and slow: dual process theories of thinking

Predictive value and modification of cardiovascular responses to stress

Individual differences in language comprehension

Exploration of maths anxiety and its consequences

Reconstruction/Non-reconstruction of breasts after mastectomy for breast cancer

Game playing and modification of attentional biases

Critical perspectives on parenting

Newborn Touch Therapies

Nature Connectedness and Well-being

Painkiller addiction