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October 2017 news

October 2017 News

Sigrid Lipka gave a talk in Leeds on the 12th October 2017 at the 3rd Researcher Education and Development Scholarship Conference: REDS 2017: New outlooks on the development of researchers in a changed landscape: pedagogy and theory. The title of the talk is: Development programmes for new doctoral supervisors – do they work?

Vicki Staples is involved with a bid to Sport England and put in  an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Families Fund call for £324,000 – Mark Faghy as PI – involves David and Ainslea too – it builds on the work Mark and Vicki are doing with Erewash with the PACE project Kirsty is working on as part of them funding her MSc in Health Psychology (PACE – Physical Activity in Children of Erewash).

Ruth Sims had a bid go in to Innovate UK, Derby portion would be just shy of £22,500, we find out fairly quickly as projects have to be started by Feb 2018. Will run for 10-11months and is with an SME to look at behaviour change to reduce musculoskeletal risk as a result of industrial workers using the technology the SME have designed.

Ruth Sims also had a paper submitted to a journal with a UDOL MSc Psychology student on Brexit, hopefully will hear soon.

Carol Stalker, James Elander and Kath Mitchell submitted a £20K bid, with Maarten Taal and Nick Selby of University of Nottingham, to the British Renal Society/Kidney Care UK, for a project on understanding how acceptance can help improve patients’ benefits from renal dialysis.

Carol, James and Kath are also working on a larger bid (about £250K) to the Wellcome Trust collaborative awards scheme, again with Maarten Taal and Nick Selby of University of Nottingham, and Paul Stewart in Engineering.

Caroline Harvey and Fiona Holland are writing up the Play Wild evaluation this month which is part of a HLF project with Derbyshire Wildlife trust and partners.

Frankie Maratos gave an invited talk in September 2017 on ‘Compassion in Education’ at a HE symposium in Oxford on ‘Values in education’.

Frankie Maratos received a grant of £33,000 from the Compassionate Mind Foundation for the UK part of an international Compassion in Schools project, total project funding £107,000.

Tom Hunt is developing a collaboration with Swinburne University, Australia, in a qualitative study of student experiences of statistics.

Tom is also working with Patricia Harris at University of East Anglia on a study of how maths anxiety affects health care students undertaking drug calculations.

Tom is also submitting an expression of interest with Gijsbert Stoet, Leeds Beckett University, to the Nuffield Foundation for a £60K project (half would come to Derby) on why students choose psychology.

Tom is also working on a bid to the Angling Trust for £5-10K for a project on the benefits of fishing.

Tom and Ed Stupple had a paper accepted:

Stupple,  Pitchford, Ball, Hunt & Steel, Slower is not always Better: Response-Time Evidence Clarifies the Limited Role of Miserly Information Processing in the Cognitive Reflection Test

Ed also had a paper accepted in Plos One, with Lindon Ball, Lancaster University, plus Richard Steel, based on an RLTF project on the cognitive reflection test. Lyndon was able to get funds in his department for the Plos One processing fee.

Ed also had a book chapter on belief biases in reasoning accepted in a book on ‘dual processes 2.0’.

In September, Ed gave an invited talk in Rijeke, Croatia, in a symposium on meta cognition. Ed was the invited international speaker, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation

Ed, Tom, Frankie and James also had a paper published that was a Chinese translation of their paper on critical thinking in psychology (Crit Psych).

Tom, David Sheffield, and Dominic Petronzi were invited to submit a paper to a journal for a special issue on maths anxiety.

Tom has submitted a paper to a journal based on a student project on binge watching.

Tom gave a talk last week at the OU on maths anxiety.

Yasu Kotera had a paper with Paul Gilbert and others about a Japanese translation of the fear of compassion scale published in Plos one.

Yasu also has other papers under review on motivation and mental health among caregivers, and on a systematic review of NLP at work.

Sophie Williams presented a poster at the DHP conference in September with an MSc HP student, on women’s online identity.

Sophie also had work published with Atiya Kamal.

Sophie is also working on a book proposal on polycystic ovary syndrome, with John Barry at UCL.

Gulcan Garip, Ainslea Cross, David Sheffield and others are working on a meta synthesis of evidence about caregivers of people with dementia.

Gulcan has also submitted an expression of interest, with William Van Gordon and David Sheffield for a PhD scholarship from the Retinitis and Pigmentation Society, for a mindfulness-based intervention for people with visual impairments.

James Elander is working with Catriona Matheson of Aberdeen University and Richard Cooper of University of Sheffield, on a bid to the MRC Public Health Intervention Development (PHIND) scheme for a project on development and evaluation of online assessment and advice tools for analgesic dependence (approx. £140K in total).

David Sheffield is speaking at the Mindscapes conference in Limerick, Ireland on 12th October 2017.

Hajra Aziz has started her GTA position with a PhD project on compassion among 7-13 year olds.

The East Midlands BPS conference in September 2017, hosted by UoD in the Enterprise Centre, and organised by Sophie Williams and Gulcan Garip, was a great success. Gulcan is taking over as the Chair of the East Midlands Branch and Sophie becomes secretary.

Carrie Childs and Dave Walsh had a paper accepted: Childs, C., & Walsh, D. Self-disclosure and self-deprecating self-reference: Conversational practices of personalisation in police interviews with children reporting alleged sexual offenses. Journal of Pragmatics.