October 2016 - News and events - University of Derby

October 2016 news

  • Ed, David Sheffield and others’ computer science collaboration bid on eye-tracking in relation to spam emails was not successful. This was in response to a specific call, but Ed and the others will now look out for alternative potential funding bodies
  • Ed, David Sheffield and Boban Simonovic submitted a bid to the BA based on Boban’s PhD research on stress, compassion and risky decision-making.
  • Jane, Atiya Kamal and Kirsty (Psychology graduate) are preparing to present their work, based on last year’s URSS project, on informal carers of south Asian people with dementia at two conferences, and Atiya should be included in the visiting speaker programme for the Spring.
  • James Elander was included in a stage 1 Horizon 2020 bid, along with 12 other institutions in Italy, France, Albania and UK, including UCL, Guys and St Thomas’ and Queen Mary’s. The bid is about hydroxyurea treatment for young children with sickle cell disease (‘SPLASH’ project). There are no costings in the stage 1 bid, but will be needed if it progresses to stage 2. 
  • James Elander is giving a talk about his research on Respect and Trust in hospital pain management next Friday at the second Sickle Cell Education Day at City Hospital, Nottingham.
  • Sigrid Lipka attended an excellent talk at Nottingham by a leading researcher in the Behavioural Insights team. It would be good to invite them to give a visiting talk here, especially on a week when an MSc Behaviour Change takes place.
  • The Dialysis GTSA/PhD presentations and interviews are taking place next Wednesday. 
  • Vicki Staples has started discussions with Derby ED about some work to support staff stress and wellbeing. This needs to be progressed with some intervention, possibly compassion focussed interventions.
  • Vicki also has agreement with Derby Public Health to analyse the Livewell data.
  • Frankie Maratos and David Sheffield have put in an expression of interest bid with Education for a grant evaluating SEN support plans in the East Midlands.