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November 2017 news

November 2017 news

The research impact videos recorded by Emma Butler and Lucy Ayre are now available on YouTube, including interviews with James, Fiona, Zaheer and Yasu –  The interviews are  available here:

Hopefully there will be another round of these so that people like Miles, Frankie and Paul Gilbert could make a short interview about the impact of their research.

Impact Story at is a useful website that searches for online mentions of a given researcher – a bit like an internet cuttings service.

Research assistant internship applications have been decided. There will be one associated with James’ SCD research, one associated with Carol and James’ dialysis research, and one associated with Tom Hunt’s research.

Jane Montague, Steph Archer, Elly Phillips and Fiona Holland have submitted a paper to a special IPA issue invited by Jonathan Smith in Qualitative research in Psychology: Expanding hermeneutic horizons: Working as multiple researchers and with multiple participants

Fiona, Steph and Karin Peterson have FINALLY had one of the roundy body papers accepted! Going into Critical Dietetics after minor revisions…paper title is "Thresholds of size: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of childhood messages around food, body, health and weight."

Emma Sharpe’s paper was accepted:

Sharpe, E. E., Karasouli, E., & Meyer, C. (2017). Examining factors of engagement with digital interventions for weight management: Rapid review. JMIR Research Protocols, 6(10), e205.

Yasu had an abstract accepted for presentation at a conference in Malaysia, about international comparative worker profiles.

Yasu and Paul Gilbert had their paper published about a Japanese translation of the fears of compassion questionnaire.

James’ chapter in an edited book about ‘perceived health’ just came out:

Elander, J.& Spitz, E. (2017). Patient-reported outcomes: clinical applications in the field of chronic pain self-management (chapter 18). In F. Guillemin, A. Leplege, S. Briancon, E. Spitz and J. Coste (Eds.), Perceived Health and Adaptation in Chronic Disease. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN 978-1-498-77898-5 (Hb), 978-1-315-15507-4 (e-book).

The ESRC mental health funding scheme is open now, deadline in March, and only one application per institution. This is a cross-council scheme. Miles is developing a proposal for a bid that combines nature connections and compassion.

Miles reported there is lots of interest and enquiries presently about the nature connections work presently going on – anyone who wants to get involved in this, please let Miles know.

Claire Thornton has her PhD viva on Monday.

David is finalising a project proposal about green spaces versus white spaces in psychiatry, and looking for a potential funder.

Rory and Jaskaran Basran should be enrolling for PhD very soon, after some long hold ups with processing their applications.

Paul Gilbert visited the Help for Heroes centre, a charity that runs alongside the MOD. Paul will be providing some CFT input to support their clients who are service people who have been injured.

There is a new member of staff starting soon at UDOL, who is a biological psychology researcher, using Biopack etc, who has come from Nuffield, Oxford.