March 2017 - News and events - University of Derby

March 2017 news

March 2017 news

Gulcan and Sophie are organising the inaugural conference of the East Midlands Psychology society, at the enterprise centre in September 2017, with Belinda Winder as one of the keynote speakers. This conference and organisation spans all of psychology.

Miles is briefing DEFRA next week about connecting people with the natural world.

Miles reported the IWAN project is now involved in developing the app for the project.

Miles is also involved with Silent Spaces …

Miles has been contacted by the BBC’s natural history unit, who want to work with Derby as a partner in bidding for funds for a project on using natural history resources.

The iTrend project, which includes Carol’s doctoral project, has begun formally today, and there is a launch event the week after next.

Several MSc Health Psychology graduates, including Deepali Bij, Emily Johnston and Meghan Lindscott, are giving presentations at the Midlands Health Psychology Network conference tomorrow. Vicki Staples, Amy Baraniak and Fiona will also attend.

Carol had three abstracts accepted from the compassion and slimming world project, for the conference of the European Society for Obesity.

Fiona’s recent blogs attracted lots of media attention, including radio interviews.

Zaheer obtained a fee waiver from the journal Addictive Behaviour, Therapy and Rehabilitation, which normally charges an article processing fee, through negotiation and being willing to act as a future reviewer for the journal.

Several URSS applications were submitted by psychologists: Caroline Harvey and Malcolm submitted on for a project about personality and the dark tetra; Ed Stupple and Frankie submitted one (or two) for a project about compassion and cognition; James Elander and Carol Stalker submitted one for a project about systematic review of psychology of kidney dialysis; James submitted one to extend the SCAPE project’s assessment of the experiences of hospital patients being treated for sickle cell disease pain.