March 2014 - News and events - University of Derby

March 2014 news

  • Stephanie Archer has a new job at Imperial College, London, in the Department of Surgery and Cancer, in a role to improve teamwork to reduce adverse events. Stephanie has also had a paper from her PhD research accepted with no changes by the journal BMC Perioperative Medicine.
  • Stephanie Archer has joined the committee of the British Psychosocial Oncology Society.
  • Kevin Cheung had his PhD viva on 14 March, and passed with minor amendments.
  • Carrie Child’s abstract on child witnesses in sexual abuse cases was accepted for presentation at the International Investigative Research Group Conference.
  • James Elander has submitted:
  • Fiona Holland, Jane Montague and Stephanie Archer, following a successful RLTF bid in 2012 to explore the experience of choosing not to undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomy, have presented their findings at a number of academic conferences as well as to groups of medical professionals. They spent three days on a writing retreat during which time they wrote and submitted the first paper from the project to the Journal of Health Psychology.
  • Fiona Holland and Jane Montague submitted a proposal for a symposium on appearance-related aspects of breast cancer to the Appearance Matters conference, July 2014, Bristol.
  • Zaheer Hussain’s paper titled ‘A Qualitative Analysis of Online Gaming: Social Interaction, Community and Game design’, was accepted by the International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning (IJCBPL).
  • Zaheer Hussain and Simon Bignell are working on a grant application to the Richard Benjamin Trust.
  • Ed Stupple was a visiting speaker at De Montford University, talking about his research on the Cognitive Reflection Test.
  • Lauren Kelly’s PhD amendments were approved, so her PhD has now been awarded.
  • Kirsten McEwan’s paper from her PhD has now been published in PLOS ONE, a high-impact open access journal: McEwan, K., Gilbert, P., Dandeneau, S., Lipka, S., Maratos, F., Paterson, K.B., & Baldwin, M. (2014). Facial expressions depicting compassionate and critical emotions: The development and validation of a new emotional face stimulus set. PLoS ONE 9(2): e88783. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088783
  • James Stubbs has submitted an outline application for Horizon 2020, on the impact of sedentary time on functional and health outcomes of ageing.
  • Sigrid Lipka has reviewed an ESRC grant application under the ESRC Future Research Leaders Scheme.
  • Frances Maratos was invited to give a talk at the University of Sheffield on some of her research into Emotion Processing. Frances Maratos was also invited and has agreed to act as a rapporteur for an ERSC grant application investigating Cognitive Load.
  • Marek Palasinski has identified a call in the Horizon 2020 programme to which he can bid, on security threats in large urban environments. Marek has also been invited to produce an edited book on Youth Crime, with the publisher IGI Global.
  • Marek Palasinski’s abstract on anti-knife carrying messages has been accepted for presentation at the BPS Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, in Glasgow, June 2014.
  • Sophie Williams has giveb a visiting research talk at the University of Northampton. Sophie is also now a member of the conference organising committee for the Midland’s Health Psychology Network conference, which may be held at the University of Derby in 2015.