February 2017 - News and events - University of Derby

February 2017 news

February 2017 news

Miles Richardson, David Sheffield and Kirsten McEwan have won £20K of consultancy income from the City of London for an evaluation of green spaces. The City of London approached Miles et al., based on their profile in this area of work.

The income to Derby associated with Miles and David’s NERC-funded I-WUN project with the University of Sheffield has increased by £48K because that amount was mis-allocated and this has been corrected.

Papers recently published or accepted:

Caroline Lafarge; Kathryn Mitchell; Andrew C.G Breeze; Pauline Fox (accepted last month). Pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality: Are health professionals' perceptions of women's coping congruent with women's accounts? BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Caroline Lafarge; Kathryn Mitchell; Pauline Fox (just accepted). Posttraumatic growth following pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality: the predictive role of coping strategies and perinatal grief. Anxiety, Stress, & Coping.

Paper accepted  - Maratos, F.A. Duarte, J., Barnes, C., McEwan, K., Sheffield, D. & Gilbert, P. (in press) The physiological and emotional effects of touch: Assessing a hand-massage intervention with high self-critics.  Psychiatry Review.

Elander, J., Richardson, C., Morris, J., Robertson, G. & Schofield, M.B. (just accepted). Motivational and behavioral models of change: a longitudinal analysis of change among men with chronic hemophilia-related joint pain. European Journal of Pain

David and Miles’ paper in Psycho-ecology, an English/Spanish dual language journal, on three good things in nature, is out now.

Miles has a paper on applied acoustics, based on an MSc Ergonomics student project, published now.

Dominic Petronzi has had two papers accepted from his PhD.

David Sheffield’s paper with Kornanong, from her PhD thesis, has been accepted in the journal Applied Bio-behavioural Research.

David and Zaheer have a paper under review and another submitted, and are working on a paper with a student on Facebook use.

Sigrid Lipka will give an invited talk at the Doctoral Supervision Symposium: Trust and ‘Doctorateness', 15 February 2017, at the University of Bristol, UK., titled “Three insights gained – Delivering doctoral supervision training.” 

Frankie Maratos will be an Invited Speaker (fee reduction negotiated) at Mental Health 2017 (London), talk entitled ‘Evaluation of a compassionate mind training intervention with teachers to improve well-being’.

Ainslea Cross is working on a systematic review of quality of life and dementia carers, in which MSc Health Psychology students shared the literature searches. She will send an abstract to the EHPS conference.

Fiona’s Holland’s blog on what to do and say when someone has cancer http://www.derby.ac.uk/blog/2017/01/say-someone-cancer/

Was picked up by the Society of Radiographers http://www.sor.org/news/what-say-and-do-when-someone-has-cancer

And led to Fiona going on Radio Derby at 7am Friday 3rd Feb 2017. Kelly Tyler, UoD Public Relations Officer, has helped with this.

Fiona Holland and Caroline Harvey are meeting in Bakewell on 2nd February 2017 with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust about an evaluation/consultancy of nature based taster days over the summer, following Caroline and Fiona being awarded £5k from a £35k heritage lottery award.