December 2016 - News and events - University of Derby

December 2016 news

  • Several papers were recently accepted for publication:
    • Stupple, A., Maratos, F.A., Elander, J., Hunt, T.E., Cheung, K.Y. & Aubeeluck, A.V. (2017). Development of the Critical Thinking Toolkit for Psychology (CriTTPsych): a measure of student attitudes and beliefs about critical thinking. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 23, 90-100. Available until January 2017 open access from See also
    • Elander, J., Said, O. & Maratos, F.A., Dys, A., Collins, H. & Schofield, M.B. (in press). Development and validation of a short-form Pain Medication Attitudes Questionnaire (PMAQ-14). Pain.
    • Cheung, K.Y.F., Elander, J., Stupple, E.J.N. & Flay, M. (in press). Academics’ understandings of the authorial academic writer: A qualitative analysis of authorial identity. Studies in Higher Education.
  • Tom Hunt gave several invited talks about maths anxiety:
    • In Liverpool in October 2016 at an ADHD conference, as invited speaker.
    • In Manchester in November 2016, at a conference on Maths anxiety, again as invited speaker.
    • Coming soon, at Leeds Beckett University, again as invited speaker.
  • Ainslea Cross presented two papers at the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine conference in Cardiff (and was awarded a bursary to attend), one on mental imagery and implementation intentions, the other on chemotherapy.
  • Cameron Glen had a successful MRes viva, with very minor amendments required.
  • Ed Stupple was invited to the editorial board of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology (formerly the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology).
  • Ed Stupple was one of only 10 experts invited to a workshop on meta-reasoning at De Montfort University.
  • The Dialysis project is getting under way, in which Carol Stalker (PhD bursary winner), Kath Mitchell, James Elander and Paul Stewart (PhD supervisors) are working with Nick Selby and Michael Tall, professors of Nephrology at Nottingham University School of Medicine, on patient experiences associated with innovations in kidney dialysis technology.
  • Malcolm Schofield, Ian Baker, Paul Staples and David Sheffield’s application to the Bial Foundation for the project ‘Metarepresentations of Supernatural Belief and the Effect of Context on Physiological Responses and Cognitions’ was successful and will be funded for €42,000. This builds upon their current project from which they previously received €48,000 from Bial during their last funding round a couple of years ago. This was Malcolm’s first application for funding as Principal Investigator, and the funding will allow him to continue his research as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the College of Life and Natural Sciences.
  • Andy Dowling, James Elander and Sally Akehurst submitted a bid to Rugby League Cares (and State of Mind Sport) for a £60,000 evaluation of their wellbeing initiative for isolated men in the North of England. The bid has been shortlisted and Andy and James are going to Manchester on Friday 9th for a presentation and interview.