April 2017 - News and events - University of Derby

April 2017 news

April 2017 news

On May 24th, Kath Mitchell will be opening the BPS East Midlands Branch’s ‘Magic of Discovery’ event at the University of Derby. The branch then has its annual conference at Derby on 13th September.

Emma Sharpe and Frankie Maratos had their book chapter on food neophobia accepted.

Jane Montague and Ian Baker had their paper about a mixed methods study in parapsychology accepted.

Frankie Maratos has been invited to give two invited talks about compassion in education.

Ryan Lumber has had a third paper from his PhD accepted.

Zaheer Hussain’s paper with psychology IS student Adam O’Sullivan on An Exploratory Study of Facebook Intensity and its links to Narcissism, Stress, and Selfesteem, published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors, Therapy & Rehabilitation.

Frankie did a live radio interview on radio Derby last week (Tues 18th) about Prince Harry and mental health/wellbeing.

James Elander was interviewed live on 12th April on BBC Radio Nottingham, about painkiller addiction. This resulted from a University blog about the recently published paper in which Frankie Maratos and Malcolm Schofield, as well as Mimi Said, Hannah Collins and Ada Dys (PhD and UG Psychology students) are all co-authors). The blog was also picked up in two online health magazines:

April 2017: Painkiller Addiction: How To Spot The Warning Signs And Avoid Becoming Dependent On Pain Relief Medication. Article in The Carer (released 7th April 2017). http://thecareruk.com/painkiller-addiction-how-to-spot-the-warning-signs-and-avoid-becoming-dependent-on-pain-relief-medication/

March 2017: Shorter Pain Medication Attitudes Questionnaire Validated. Development of a short-form pain medication attitudes questionnaire featured in an article by Cindy Lampner in Clinical Pain Advisor, an online magazine for pain management specialists and other clinicians. http://www.clinicalpainadvisor.com/opioid-addiction/assessing-attitudes-to-pain-medication/article/644851/

Miles Richardson had further media coverageof 30 days wild with Devonshire Wildlife Trust - http://www.devonwildlifetrust.org/news/2017/04/12/sunshine-soul-30-days-wild-benefits-health-and-wellbeing

Amy Baraniak has submitted a£63,831 Application to the Alzheimer’s Society for project on Carer Resilience Scale Development (with Stephanie Archer, Aimee Aubeluck and James Elander)

Fiona Holland and and Caroline Harvey have won a grant for£5K Heritage Lottery Funding to Evaluate the Play Wild Scheme.

Mimi Said has submitted her PhD thesis.

Tobyn Bell has his RD7 event on Wednesday 26th April.

Trisha Croker, supervised by Jane Montague and Jamie Bird, had her PhD viva on 10th April, and was successful, pending amednmenets.

Tom Hunt had a paper accepted: Hunt, T. E., Bhardwa, J., & Sheffield, D. (In press). Mental arithmetic performance, physiological reactivity and mathematics anxiety amongst U.K primary school children. Learning and Individual Differences. Tom also gave three talks last month:

Hunt, T. E. (2017, March). Mathematics anxiety: Causes, consequences and ways to reduce it. Invited talk at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, U.K.

Hunt, T. E. (2017, March). Mathematics anxiety: Causes, consequences and ways to reduce it. Invited workshop at the Annual LA Bristol SENCo Conference, Bristol, U.K.

Hunt, T.E. (2017, March). Mathematics Teaching Anxiety. Presentation at the 2nd International conference for Mathematical Resilience, Milton Keynes, U.K.

Mark Faghy is working on a project to improve the aftercare strategies for patients admitted to hospital with community acquired pneumonia. Mark represents the University on a clinical steering group that consists of consultants, medical research fellows and research practitioners etc and this group is developing a plan for a series of additional grant submissions and as part of this Mark has identified a number of potential areas that the University can support with collaborations. As they are looking at a holistic approach there are a number of areas highlighted, one of which is Psychology.