Members - Critical and Social Psychology Group - University of Derby


Critical and social psychology cluster members

Our Critical and social psychology cluster draws members from the Department of Psychology at the University of Derby, and people from other departments and research groups/clusters in the University.

MembersResearch areasContact details
Dr Lovemore Nyatanga
  • In-group/out-group processes 
  • The social and psychological functions of stereotypes
  • Professional ethnocentrism
01332 593055
Dr Jane Montague
  •  Construction of personal relationships
  • Applied discourse analysis
  • Use of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)
01332 593044
Dr Jenny Hallam
  • Critical Psychology
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Children’s artistic development and co-construction of art in the classroom
  • Conceptual Issues in Psychology
01332 593060
Dr Chris Howard 
  • Critical Social Psychology
  • Language & communication
  • Conceptual Issues in Psychology
01332 592037
Dr Carrie Childs
  • Discursive Psychology
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Forensic Psychology
01332 594286
Dr Claire Hampson
  • Applied Mixed-Methods Research
  • Online social support for substance misuse problems
  • Positive social networks for substance misuse problems
01332 591929
Dr Zaheer Hussain
  • Virtual communities and blogging behaviour
  • Cyber Communication and Social networking
  • Computer games and gaming
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Internet use and addiction
01332 591082
Dr David Sheffield
  • Social psychophysiology
  • Attributions
01332 592038
Dr Marek Palisinski
  • Crime
  • Cyberpsychology
  • Forensic Psychology
PhD studentsResearch areasContact details
Sarah Crooks
  • Gender
  • Feminism
  • Female gerontology
  • Identity
  • Discourse
01332 592089

The Social Psychological Review

The Social Psychological Review is the periodical of the Social Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. The periodical has two aims: first, to provide a forum for the dissemination of empirical research papers, theoretical work, and reviews on key topics and issues of interest to the social psychological community; second, to provide a channel for news and information about people, events, and publications that may be of interest to social psychologists.

The Editor of the journal is Dr Tom Reader (London School of Economics) and the Book Review Editor is Dr Claire Campbell (Edge Hill University).