Consultancy services - Centre for Psychological Research - University of Derby

Consultancy services

The Centre for Psychological Research is a group of active research psychologists with particular strengths in cognitive, health, pedagogic and social psychology, and the psychology of mental health (with emerging expertise in studying the psychology of paranormal phenomena). Some of our previous consultancies are highlighted below:

Advising on the measurement of health-related behaviour and experiences

We have been previously consulted by a pharmaceutical company on the measurement of symptom experiences for evaluation of newly developed products in clinical trials. This work involved conducting systematic reviews of the scientific literature on available measures, and evaluating those measures in terms of psychometric evidence about their validity and reliability. The objective was to evaluate and summarise the scientific evidence in order to inform the choice of the right measure to optimally capture the relevant symptom experiences for specific conditions.

Conducting behavioural analyses to inform product design

We have been previously consulted by the manufacturer of dampeners (soft-closers) for furniture drawers, who needed to know how much force people use to close drawers of different types in order to improve their product. We constructed equipment to record the speed of closure of drawers and undertook a project to collect closing speed for different types of drawer under different circumstances, enabling the company to refine their products in a systematic way.

Evaluations of products and procedures

We have been previously consulted by a company who produce instructions for self-assembly furniture. The company had developed a new system for self-assembly instructions and needed to know if it was more effective than existing systems. They wanted to understand the impact of the changes they had made and how well the new system worked. We conducted a controlled trial to make a formal evaluation of the new system, enabling the company to use the data to support their marketing.