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Human and Physical Environments Research Group

Research that's relevant to the real world All our research has a purpose, enabling us to really make a difference and directly helping organisations solve real world issues.

We provide the focus for a diverse range of research on the natural behaviour of the Earth system, the impact on the physical environment of human activities and society's response to climate and environmental change.

Advocating an applied research philosophy, we play a central role in enhancing the School of Science's research culture.

Through excellence in research, we aim to enrich undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, attract high calibre students, and develop consultancy work through the Centre for Land Evaluation and Management.

Our current work includes:

  • a geographic study entitled 'Updating our understanding of climate in the North Atlantic
  • working with ICT and women farmers in Uganda
  • investigating the social impact of a hydro-electric dam project in Jinja, Uganda
  • chemical and morphological recording of environmental change in the shells of bivalve molluscs
  • third world city development, particularly internal and international rural-urban migration in Bolivia and Argentina
  • research into the mobility and speciation of toxic trace metals in different environmental media and their impacts on biota, including human beings
  • studying micro-anionic nutrients in the environment and their significance to human health
  • research into the earliest history of the Earth, in particular the origin of the continents
  • research into the oxidation state of the Earth’s mantle using Mossbauer spectroscopy.