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Our Science

Eco-Sustainability & Evolution

Sustainable and judicious use of the planet’s limited resources is one of the most important global issues. The continued loss of biological diversity, growing levels of pollution and degradation of ecosystem services are evidence that humans need a better understanding of these key concerns.  Our work ranges from understanding the role and functions of ecosystem components in maintaining life on earth to researching the evolution of animal behaviour. 


Our work ranges from pure geology to landscape dynamics, resource sustainability and lived experience of climate change.  Research includes exploration of sea level change, water change, exploitation of glacial sands and the processes controlling sedimentation. 

Climate Change

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change on our environment and society, research at the University of Derby is helping to develop strategies for sustainable management of our environment. This research evidences impact on the society, cultural and economic life of people, and land & management planning.


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Professor Paul Lynch

Head of Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

E: p.t.lynch@derby.ac.uk

T: 01332 591748