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Dr Kate Barnes – effect of abiotic factors on post mortem insect colonisation; insect-microbe interactions in the corpse environment

Dr Nel Beaumont – photo-identification of marine megafauna to support conservation and assessment of populations; scientific accuracy of children's literature

Dr Annabelle Boulay – rural agricultural economies; the lived experience of people to climate change

Dr Mark Bulling – biostatistics; biodiversity-ecosystem functioning; wildlife disease dynamics; coral-microbial interactions; animal welfare within zoo environments

Dr Joe Cook – microbial darkening of glaciers; biology of cryoconites; effect of climate change on microbial populations

Dr Sian Davies-Vollum - climate change, the lived experience in Ghana; fluvial sedimentology and coal geology

Dr Samantha Drake – environmental chemical analysis, including drugs and pesticides

Dr David Elliott - microbial ecology; influence of land use changes/climate change on microbial populations

Dr Maren Huck – Behavioural ecology of wild primates; Enhancement of zoo environments to support animal welfare

Prof Paul Lynch – Biotechnological approaches (cryopreservation) to the conservation of crop plant species

Laura McLennan– palaeontological assessment of dental characteristics and feeding patterns of extinct and extant species and links to climate change

Prof Aradhana Mehra - toxic and essential trace elements in the environment and their implications for human health

Dr Richard Pope – use of historic rock deposits as indicators of historic river flow and sea levels and the implications for future climate scenarios

Dr Deb Raha – approaches to providing energy sources for rural populations; the lived experience of people to climate change

Dr Andrew Ramsey – conservation biology and ecology in cultural environments, especially forest and freshwater ecosystems

Dr Louise Robinson – species identification through wildlife forensic techniques and the reporting of wildlife crime in the UK to protect threatened species

Prof. Hugh Rollinson – geological evidence to inform effects of previous planetary climates and how this can inform understanding of current climate change

Graham Rowe – molecular ecology; post glaciation dispersal of species to the UK; implications of climate change on species distribution

Dr Mike Sweet – coral biology and conservation; effects of environmental change on the sustainability of coral reefs

Oliver Thompson – GIS based systems for environmental analysis

Dr Toby Tonkin – character and evolution of landforms in Arctic and alpine glacial environments; application of new technology to geomorphological studies.

Prof Karim Vahed – reproductive behaviour, autecology and conservation of crickets


Huck, M. & Fernandez-Duque, E. (2017). The floater's dilemma: use of space by wild solitary Azara's owl monkeys, Aotus azarae, in relation to group ranges. Animal Behaviour, 127:33-41. doi: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2017.02.025

Huck, M., Juárez, C. P., & Fernandez-Duque, E. (2016). Relationship between moonlight and nightly activity patterns of the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and some of its prey species in Formosa, Northern Argentina. Mammalian Biology, 82: 57-64. doi: 10.1016/j.mambio.2016.10.005

Lavictoire, L., Moorkens, E., Ramsey, A., Sweeting, R & Sinclair, W. (2016). Effects of substrate size and cleaning regime on growth and survival of captive-bred juvenile freshwater pearl mussels, Margaritifera margaritifera (Linnaeus, 1758). Hydrobiologia.

Darrell Smith, Ian Convery, Andrew Ramsey & Viktor Kouloumpis l (2016). An Expression of Multiple Values: The Relationship Between Community, Landscape and Natural Resource. Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, 3(1): 6, 1–14, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.16993/rl.31

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Head of Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

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