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Biological Sciences Research Group

If you would like more information Contact: Dr Heidi Sowter Head of the Biological Sciences Research Group

We have broadly based and interdisciplinary research interests, and work together synergistically with a wide range of national and international collaborative partners.

The strong research profiles of our members greatly enhances graduate and postgraduate teaching.

Our work in this group includes: 

  • Ecology of lanktonic amoebae in the marine environment
  • Photo-identification in vertebrates
  • Conservation genetics of the Shore Dock, Natterjack Toad and South Pacific Petrel
  • Plant conservation biotechnology
  • The function and evolution of nuptial feeding and aggression in insects
  • Forensic and medical entomology
  • The history of zoological gardens
  • The cell biology of gynaecological cancers
  • Complementary therapies and cancer treatment
  • Biodiversity Ecosystem Functioning
  • Wildlife disease dynamics
  • Bat ecology
  • Optimal foraging
  • Bioturbation
  • Respiratory limitations in physically demanding occupations
  • Respiratory muscle training in sport and occupational settings
  • Effects of heavy backpacks upon breathing and exercise tolerance
  • Using exercise as a hypoalgesic for pain
  • The role of cooling strategies in maintaining thermoregulatory and cardiovascular function
  • The evolution of monogamy and male care
  • The influence of predators and food-competitors on behaviour and demographics of owl monkeys