Research - Life and Natural Sciences - University of Derby


Our research makes a difference Research plays a major role in supporting teaching and learning in science.

We believe that applied research is an essential feature of a university like ours. All our research has a purpose, enabling us to really make a difference and directly helping organisations solve real world problems.

Research centres and groups

Within the College of Life and Natural Sciences, we have one research centre and two research groups. They have strong, active connections with the East Midlands region and internationally. Their work contributes directly to the development and wellbeing of the region. Discover more about our centres and groups:

Research ethics committees

Our Research Ethics Committees meet to review and grant ethical approval for any research conducted by fellow members of staff or postgraduate students. Ethical approved must be granted before any data collection can begin.

Science research areas

Some of the active research areas within the College of Life and Natural Sciences include:

  • cell biology of gynaecological cancers
  • social and cognitive factors in addiction
  • childhood obesity and compensatory health beliefs
  • the oxidation state of the Earth's mantle using Mossbauer spectroscopy
  • the study of micro-anionic nutrients in the environment and their significance to human health
  • the study of compassion and compassion based interventions

Research events

Our research groups combine the best of both worlds by having strong connections with the Derbyshire region and active international links. Their work often contributes directly to the development and well-being of the region. They offer a series of seminars that give you an insight into the areas actively being researched.

Find out more about the upcoming research seminars from our Centre for Psychological Research