Facilities - Psychology - University of Derby


You will be introduced to our excellent psychology facilities These include high specification computing labs with software for experiment design.

Our specialist facilities include high specification computing labs with software for designing experiments, and a range of psychological recording equipment.

We also have a variety of resources that have both research and teaching applications:

  • We can non-invasively examine the processing in the brain associated with different stimuli. For example, the millisecond-by-millisecond processing that occurs when someone is attempting to understand a word, or recognise a face.
  • We can measure the dynamic changes that occur in the cardiovascular system. For example, how blood pressure changes on a second-by-second basis when a person is stressed.
  • We can test people's responses to painful stimuli. For example, a person's fight-or-flight response when their hand is submerged in ice-cold water using our cold-pressor tests.