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Laboratory work

We have dedicated laboratory facilities for Forensic Science students which are home to modern instrumentation such as GC/MS, HPLC, SEM, Real-Time PCR and ESDA.

You'll be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, perfect your skills and develop into a competent, well trained and highly skilled scientist.

  • Molecular Laboratory - You'll extract DNA from different types of material and analyse it using techniques such as PCR and gel electrophoresis.
  • You'll use specialised equipment to examine drugs of abuse, paint, glass, inks, dyes, gun shot residue and fire accelerants.
  • Entomology Suite - You can learn about forensic entomology and gain hands-on experience in collecting and rearing insects from a crime scene.
  • Examination Laboratory - You'll examine different types of evidence such as fingerprints, bones, tool marks, hairs and fibres and blood stains.
  • Blood Splatter Analysis - You'll learn how to create and analyse blood patterns in our dedicated area for blood spatter analysis.
  • Forensic Imaging Suite - You can learn how Imaging is used in forensic investigation and gain hands-on skills in our new Forensic Imaging Suite.

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