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Germaine Burton

Fact file

Germaine Burton JH

Name: Germaine Burton

Undergraduate degree: Geography with Environmental Hazards


 Where did you go and for how long?

North Africa, Southern Morocco, 7 day residential field visit

What was the purpose/goals of the fieldtrip?

A week long field trip was undertaken to North Africa (Morocco), as part of the Environment, Landscape and Place module (Geography degree).  This was used to broaden our experience, enhance employability skills and also provide an in-depth study of landscape assessment and environmental issues which face a developing country.  Two of the main objectives were to complete a daily field note book to be submitted as part of our course work and to collect data to complete a comprehensive project based on observed field evidence when we returned.

The main areas of study related to sustainable tourism and environmental management issues, travelling and staying at Marrakesh, a vibrant and cultural city; ‘a world heritage site’ and also coastal Agadir. 

How did you approach your work/what skills did you use?

As this was a third year module, skills learnt from previous modules were particularly relevant to completing field note book‌s and collecting data in both the physical and human geography field, and using geographical field equipment. Comprehensive research on the region and preparing project methodology prior to the trip was essential.

What did you learn from your experience/how has this helped you with your studies?

The trip was fantastic, I have secured a training place for a secondary teaching career and was able to refer to the trip during my interview and presentations.  The experience will be invaluable for teaching, in covering aspects of human geography, geology and geomorphology, climate change, landforms, desert environments, sustainable tourism agriculture, water management and changing ecosystems – and all from 7 days !!!

How would you describe your overall experience/would you recommend this experience and course to others?

I would highly recommend the Geography degree to any prospective student, the field trips at Derby not only offer you great memories but the opportunity to actually experience and observe.  It will also deliver skills for you to draw upon in future careers.