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Hannah Thami

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Name: Hannah Thami - Geography with Third World DevelopmentHannah Thami

Undergraduate degree:

Geography with Third World Development




Tell us about the course you’re studying and how it fits with your career aspirations?

Studying these two courses I believe has given me a solid theoretical understanding of global development which is necessary if I am to go into humanitarian work. By choosing to do a Joint Honours I have had the power to strategically select modules that I find most interesting. For Geography, I have been able to select predominantly human geography modules such as population, transport, water: resource, hazard, commodity. For Third World Development a lot of the modules overlap with Geography as they are both in Geoscience, but some of the key modules I undertook were the Theories and Practice of Development which had a fieldwork component, so I was able to go to Tanzania; Development Management in the Voluntary Sector, which invited guest speakers into the class to discuss their experiences working in development; and Education and Global Inequality, which was really interesting because it was an Education module so there were lots of different perspectives in lectures. Additionally, Geoscience as a department for the first time this year organised an employability forum specifically for Geoscience students, which I think was really beneficial as it allows us to meet alumni and people working in geoscience and related fields, and network with potential employers.

What were your main reasons for choosing this course?

By studying a Joint Honours degree in Third World Development and Geography, I was able to study social science topics that I find most interesting, such as population, development management, transport, and education and global inequalities. The fieldtrip to Tanzania was also a big pull factor for me!

Why did you choose to study the course at Derby?

I found the course on UCAS, visited an open day and decided that because it was a smaller university and classes were a good size, it was the one for me. I never wanted to go to a university in a big city because I felt that I would get too distracted, and with such high tuition fees, I wanted the best chance of getting a good degree.

How do your lecturers inspire you?

Lecturers with experience in the field of development help in regards to improving my understanding of key concepts because they have experience and case studies to share - this is more memorable than reading something in a text book. Their passion for their subject and confidence in my abilities has also been of great benefit to me. I don't always believe in myself, but when a lecturer spots my strengths, it gives me a confidence boost!

Tell us about your modules; what makes them interesting and which are your favourite?

All modules have been interesting because they are all very interdisciplinary, therefore by studying the two subjects I have been able to draw on concepts from the two which has given me a much greater understanding on development issues.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to study this course at the University of Derby?

Do it!