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"I fully enjoyed studying Geology at Derby both academically and socially. I have fond memories of the field trips as these brought the classroom tuition to life".

Paul Williams

Currently: BBC Natural History Unit. Past series have included 'Life in Cold Blood', 'Journey of Life' and 'How the Earth Made Us'.

"Wherever I find myself filming I remind myself of good ol' geology field trips - it's there we learned the real stuff, taking what we had been taught in class and applying it to the real world, to real solid geology. If you want a strong, practical, hands-on degree that will help launch you up the career ladder then sign up for Derby."

Paul is pictures with Sir David Attenborough winning the Panda Award, top wildlife film-making award for "Life in Cold Blood". 

Graduated: 2000, BSc (Hons) Geology, 2:1 then MSc Micropalaentology, UCL London, MSc Science Communication, University of Bath.

Dr Simon Barker

Dr Simon Barker

Currently: Working for the BG-Group, UK North Sea.

"I specialised as a deep-water sedimentologist. I then had to re-broaden during mt current career as a Petroleum Geologist working for BG. I fell back upon the skills and knowledge I gained at Derby to deal with clastic and carbonate reservoirs in a variety of basins and structural settings."

Graduated: 2000, BSc (Hons) Geology, First Class; MSc Petroleum Geoscience, University of Aberdeen; PhD, University College Dublin.

Edward E Maddox

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Currently: Rocky Mtn Development Director, AES Wind Generation Inc., San Diego, California.

Prior employment: Project Manager, Tarmac Construction - Power Plants

"Rocks have always held a certain fascination for me and therefore studying geology at Derby was purely to satisfy this interest, and not necessarily to prepare me for a career. The course at Derby allowed me to cover the full spectrum of the science, looking into sedimentology, paleontology, structural geology, plate tectonics and many other interesting subjects. The course provided a good combination of lecture vs. practical/ fieldwork that also appealed to me. My time at Derby provided me opportunity to study in a relaxing, academic environment, whilst allowing me the time to broaden my horizons and understand myself a little more."

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Earth and Life Studies, Third Class, then MSc Construction Management, Loughborough University. 

Alex Taylor

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Currently: Studying MSc Environmental Health at Derby part time whilst working for Derbyshire Dales District Council as an Environmental Health Technician

"I'm very thankful that I received a place to study Geology at Derby University, as my A Level grades were low. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of studying at Derby and thought the course was well structured and taught. Even though I only managed to attain a 'standard' degree from Derby, I still was able to find a graduate position in the field of work I wanted employment in, and after 2 years of experience I then changed to a higher position."

Graduated: 2001, BSc (Hons) Geology, Third class 

Sean Vintin

Sean Vintin

Currently: Senior Environmental Consultant/Project Manager with URS Corporation Ltd, Leeds.

"I now work for the world's largest multidisciplinary environmental and engineering consultancy - I could not have done this without the University of Derby."

Graduated: 2001, BSc (Hons) Geology, First Class; MSc, University of Leeds.

Ashley Patton

Currently: Working as a graduate engineering geologist with Scott Wilson in Hong Kong.

"The strong emphasis on fieldwork and the enthusiasm of the teaching staff at Derby have provided me with the skills needed to go on to study for a Masters in Geohazard Assessment."

Graduated: 2008, BSc (Hons) Geology, 2:1; MSc Geohazard Assessment, Portsmouth University.

Ed Sears

Ed Sears

Currently: Manager of Fair Trade Importer/Wholesaler, Director of the Permaculture Association (Britain), Plants For A Future, Earth Heart Housing Co-operative.

"Studying offered me the chance to gain cutting edge knowledge in climate change, a wide social and scientific network and lots of new friends. A year after the course, I have been promoted to a new level of responsibility at work, and have been presenting the results from my final year project via my involvement in charity work on low-carbon farming and useful plants."

Graduated: 2008, BSc (Hons) Earth Systems Science, 2:1; MSc Climate Change, University of East Anglia.

Paul Beetham

Currently: I've been working full time in the cement industry but have just taken up the offer of a NERC Scholarship, studying a one year full time Masters in Geotechnical Engineering at Newcastle University.

"I fully enjoyed studying Geology at Derby both academically and socially. I have fond memories of the field trips as these brought the classroom tuition to life. They were also a great opportunity to bond with fellow students and the teaching staff as you advance your understanding together. The course exposed me to a whole new world, which I found so interesting that I left my full time job (of eight years) in the cement industry to study a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering at Newcastle University on a full NERC scholarship." 

Graduated: 2004, BSc (Hons) Geology, First Class 

Clare Caudwell

Currently: Geotechnical Engineer with Ground Risk Management, Burton-on-Trent.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course at Derby. The field trips were the most educational points of the course, covering all areas of the UK. I think that learning about your own country's geology is very beneficial. The field trips meant that you got to know your fellow students in all weathers!"

Graduated: 1999, BSc (Hons) Geology (2:2)

Further Qualifications: MSc Environmental Management (Distinction), University of Derby 

Sebastian Gray

Currently: Consolidated Minerals Ltd, Western Australia

"Derby University allows its students to gain an holistic knowledge within their chosen field. This is backed up by friendly support and a willingness to help, instilling confidence in students. With this confidence, knowledge and understanding follows, allowing you to find the career path which best suits you. There's a great emphasis on practical work at Derby, both in and outdoors. Most of all I enjoyed the fun we had on field excursions. I'm currently working seven days a week (two weeks on, one week off), directing RAB drilling programmes. My wage is £120 per day, flights to Perth, food and accommodation provided." 

Graduated: 2000, BSc (Hons) Geology (First class)

Jane Liquorish

Currently: Working for the Derbyshire County Council Highways department and PhD Student at Leicester University, Department of Engineering.

"Whilst at the University of Derby I gained a good understanding of how the environment exists as a whole. I enjoyed studying past environments in the field and the classroom. I left the University confident and with five job offers in my pocket. I now earn four times what I would have earned had I stayed on the checkouts at Sainsbury."

Graduated: 2002, BSc (Hons) Applied Environmental Earth Sciences (2:2)

Further Qualifications: MSc Environmental Management (Distinction), University of Derby

Mark Newman

Currently: Contaminated Land Officer with Dover District Council.

"Following my degree in Derby, I went on to specialise in contaminated land (through a masters degree). I have now been working in this field for around three and a half years (and by the looks of it, there are more than enough contaminated sites in the UK to see me through to retirement."

Graduated: 2004, BSc (Hons) Geology, 2:2.

Bekkie Porter

Currently: Public Health Adviser for Tower Hamlets PCT in East London; studying MSc Public Health.

I loved doing my degree at Derby. Because the department was quite small

I thought that there were good relationships between staff and students.

The amount of fieldwork was something that I particularly enjoyed ‑ even in the subject areas that weren't my favourite. I always felt that I got something out of the trips. Anything igneous was my favourite and I thought the Jersey trip was spectacular. I made some great friends at Derby and am still in contact with many of them.

The skills I learnt at Derby have proved very useful ‑ team-work, independent thinking, 'thinking outside the box', writing and presentation skills etc and are things that I use everyday even in my non‑geology job."

Graduated: 1997, BSc (Hons) Geology, First class