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"The amount of fieldwork was something that I particularly enjoyed".

Bekkie Porter

Currently: Public Health Adviser for Tower Hamlets PCT in East London; studying MSc Public Health.

I loved doing my degree at Derby. Because the department was quite small

I thought that there were good relationships between staff and students.

The amount of fieldwork was something that I particularly enjoyed ‑ even in the subject areas that weren't my favourite. I always felt that I got something out of the trips. Anything igneous was my favourite and I thought the Jersey trip was spectacular. I made some great friends at Derby and am still in contact with many of them.

The skills I learnt at Derby have proved very useful ‑ team-work, independent thinking, 'thinking outside the box', writing and presentation skills etc and are things that I use everyday even in my non‑geology job."

Graduated: 1997, BSc (Hons) Geology, First class