What our students say - Geography - University of Derby


Loren Moody, BSc (Hons) Geology "We went to Tenerife in the second year to study volcanoes and lava flow. It was so exciting to realise that this was something you could be doing as a job in the future."

Lydia Parsons, BSc (Hons) Geography

Lydia Parsons - BSc (Hons) Geography

"My time at Middleton Hall has been very important to me, my development as a prospective employee and as a final year student. As a graduate, I believe having work experience alongside a degree will definitely put you in good stead for getting an interview, and even assist in getting the role!"

BSc (Hons) Geography

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Josh Hudson-Jaques, BSc (Hons) Geography

Josh Hudson-Jaques - BSc (Hons) Geography

"I would definitely recommend doing a work placement, mine was over 3 months during summer but I think I would have benefitted greatly if I was placed there for the whole year. Hopefully I will have a chance to go back there after graduating on a short-term contract, which shows that placement can open new opportunities and you can get a foot hold in the door for the future."

BSc (Hons) Geography

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Hannah Thami, BSc (Hons) Geography and Third World Development

Hannah Thami

"Studying these two courses I believe has given me a solid theoretical understanding of global development, which is necessary if I am to go into humanitarian work. By choosing to do a Joint Honours degree I have had the power to strategically select modules that I find most interesting".

BSc (Hons) Geography and Third World Development

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Lewis Kelter, BSc (Hons) Geography and Environmental Hazards

Lewis Kelter Geography JH

"The main reason why I chose to study this course is simply because it’s what I enjoy, as well as Derby having a great reputation for Geoscience. It also has allowed me to travel to variety of destinations including North America".

BSc (Hons) Geography and Environmental Hazards

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Germaine Burton, BSc (Hons) Geography and Environmental Hazards

Germaine Burton

"The 7 day residential trip to Morocco as part of my degree was fantastic. I have secured a training place for a secondary teaching career and was able to refer to the trip during my interview and presentations.  The experience will be invaluable"

BSc (Hons) Geography and Environmental Hazards

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Amy Page, graduate

"I have learnt a lot during my time studying Geography at the University of Derby. Staff in the geography department are incredibly knowledgeable and have lots of experience. They are engaged in their own research projects outside the university meaning they are up to date with new advancements in geography which are then passed on to students. Overall, I would recommend anyone interested in the exciting field of geography to study at the University of Derby, I have obtained skills, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime whilst enjoying myself and gaining a degree."

BSc (Hons) Geography

Sarah Meek, graduate

"The combined course is amazing. The Joint Honours International Relations & Global Development and Third World Development allows for so many exciting opportunities such as the fieldtrips to the United Nations in Geneva and the Gambia for the two weeks. The course content is also varied and the lecturers are so helpful."

Third World Development (Joint Honours)

Lauren Moore, BSc (Hons) Geography

Lauren Moore 100x100

"My favourite aspects of my work placement, was being included in a team, being given my own workspace which immediately made me feel valued."

BSc (Hons) Geography

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