BSc (Hons) Geography - Fieldwork - University of Derby


Residential Trips

Lincolnshire Coast

The aim of the trip is to provide opportunities for you to practice some basic field techniques which you may later use in other modules and in particular your independent Research Study in the third year. The field techniques include soil augering, slope profiling, vegetation studies using quadrats and the development of observational skills in the built environment. These techniques are employed in the study of soils at Snipe Dales Country Park near Horncastle en route to Skegness, at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve on the edge of the Wash to the south of Skegness and in the town of Skegness itself. 

Single Day Trips

Quarndon, Allestee Park and Mackworth

This half day field trip is designed to provide an opportunity for you to ‘ground truth’ the locations that you will have been working on in practicals using air photographs. The area studied is local to the University and includes locations such as Quorndon, Allestree Park, Mackworth Estate and the ‘University Quarter’. Both physical and cultural/human features of the local area are investigated. The fieldtrip also provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with the geography of the northern and western edge of the city and the immediate surroundings of the University.


During this self-directed trip you will undertake GPS data collection within a local residential area for GIS-based asset mapping and management.