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Ibrahim Fettin

Fact file

Ibrahim Fettin - Zoology

Name: Ibrahim Fettin

Undergraduate degree:

BSc (Hons) Zoology



Tell us what you’re studying and why you chose the course

I have just completed my degree in BSc (Hons) Zoology. I chose this course because of the passion and excitement I have for the natural world and everything within it. Studying this particular course will show me how to look at the world from a completely new angle and aid my aspirations of becoming an ethologist.

You recently took part in an internship at SeaLife – why was it important for you to take part, what were you hoping to achieve?

As my dissertation was based on sharks, going to the SeaLife centre and studying them was of huge importance if I wanted to end up with a satisfying grade. I went to the SeaLife centre hoping to gain important and helpful contacts, experience in animal husbandry, and also to collect necessary data for my dissertation.

Tell us what the internship involved, who you worked with, and the outcome of your project

The internship itself involved many aspects of animal husbandry such as cleaning the enclosures, preparing food and feeding the animals, maintenance of the enclosure (if necessary) etc. I worked with the curator at the SeaLife centre and also with the entire animal husbandry team, they provided me with very useful advice in terms of my project and also helped me along the way. My research project was based on measuring the activity of blacktip reef sharks in relation to both time, and external sound levels. The outcome of this project was very successful in that the sharks showed different levels of activity with respect to both variables.

What was the best thing about the project/what opportunities have you had?

The best aspect of conducting my project at the SeaLife centre was the experience and contacts I gained through working with the animal husbandry team, and curator.

How has this experience helped your current studies?

The experience that I have gained has provided me with new ideas and abilities which have aided me in tackling specific problems I have faced with my current studies.

How has this experience helped prepare you for your future career?

I will be doing a MRes degree at the university of derby later this year, and the experience I gained from this internship has significantly helped me in deciding which career path to take.

Would you recommend this experience to other students?

I would definitely recommend this experience for future students that are passionate about either marine biology, animal husbandry, or just behavioural research.