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Conservation Biology and Ecology

Jake Richardson The tutors are really enthusiastic and friendly. They love what they do and you can see it not only in how they teach you but also in the way they give you advice about your career options.

Amanda Reeve, BSc (Hons) Zoology

"I would tell prospective students that the lecturers here are incredibly well informed and knowledgeable about the subject. The course involves lots of variety and caters for all academic abilities. The support is amazing and available if you need it."

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Louise Cox, BSc (Hons) Zoology

"I chose to study at the University of Derby because it had the best range of optional modules which meant I could tailor my degree to my own specific needs. The enthusiasm and level of caring from the lecturers pushes you to work your hardest to achieve good grades and to gain as much work experience outside of University as possible."

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Luke Bamforth, MSc Conservation Biology graduate

"All of the lecturers are incredibly passionate about the subjects they teach and were able to engage me in topics that I would otherwise not have considered. It was inspiring to be taught by some of the country's foremost experts in their fields, but also by people that had real world experience, those that had done the jobs we wanted to do, especially considering that their experience and knowledge was valued as highly as academic knowledge."

MSc Conservation Biology

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Ben McIlwane, MSc Conservation Biology graduate

"The MSc Conservation Biology course really helped to provide me with a range of practical and real-world skills - particularly statistics, learning how to write a research paper, and developing presentation skills (amongst many others). It has, without a doubt, helped prepare me for my PhD in so many various ways. Too many to list! I will always have very fond memories of my studies at Derby."

MSc Conservation Biology

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Siobhan Hillman, BSc (Hons) Zoology

Siobhan Hillman

"Studying the BSc Zoology at Derby enabled me to access internships and volunteering that I had not thought were accessible to students before. The wider network of the staff at Derby University is excellent and I was able to get involved in many different projects in a number of roles that has helped me develop my own network and skills."

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Alex Dye, BSc (Hons) Biology

Alex Dye

"Many of the lecturers inspired me to push myself to deliver pieces of work of a higher level than I had previously been capable of achieving, giving me a greater appreciation of the world of scientific research."

BSc (Hons) Biology

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Ben McIlwaine, BSc (Hons) Zoology

Ben McIlwaine - Zoology

"My internship at SeaLife as part of my Zoology course gave me a broad knowledge of aquatic husbandry, and also how the centre ran in general which was fantastic work experience."

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Louise Needham, BSc (Hons) Biology

"Coming to Derby was an easy choice to make and the reviews I had heard about the science department were excellent. The course so far had given me a breadth of knowledge in areas such as genetics, ecology and human biology, and I am excited to carry out my Independent Study project on the 'threat of biological organisms in war'. I am hoping to apply for a Masters degree once I graduate. Although I would not be able to study this at Derby I know that the staff have given me the knowledge and qualifications to follow my new career path and hopefully gain a job in research."

Ibrahim Fettin, BSc (Hons) Zoology

Ibrahim Fettin Zoology

"The best aspect of conducting my project at the SeaLife centre was the experience and contacts I gained through working with the animal husbandry team, and curator".

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Cristina Plant, graduate

Cristina Plant - Zoology

"Zoology is a fascinating subject to study, combining a rich history of scientific exploration with cutting-edge research that is relevant to all of our lives. The University of Derby Zoology course did not disappoint and I found the lecturers to be very friendly and supportive. University is what you make of it - with enthusiasm and dedication it can open up endless exciting opportunities."

BSc (Hons) Zoology

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Peter Cowley, MSc Conservation Biology

MSc Conservation Biology

"MSc Conservation Biology was perfect for me because it offered a combination of modules incorporating academic, vocational and practical skills, as well as providing a valuable background of environmental law and legislation. I chose the course specifically to kick-start a career change, although it offered a natural progression of my interests and experience in biology and life sciences."

MSc Conservation Biology

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Eleanor Hindle, BSc (Hons) Biology

"The biology degree programme at Derby University is engaging and inspiring with enthusiastic and supportive teaching staff. The wide range of subject area covered in the biology course has given me the skills required to access a wide range of career pathways."

Danielle Clewley, BSc (Hons) Zoology

"I'm really enjoying my time at Derby University on the Zoology course. The course material is really interesting and the lecturers are great and always willing to help."

David Gee, MSc Conservation Biology

"Studying at Derby has allowed me to really focus on my area of science because the teaching staff understand that it's the passion for our subject drives us forward."

Kathryn Jeffs, graduate

"I have always had a passion for communicating and I have fond memories of the University of Derby where I was surrounded with students with the same passions. I chose science because I wanted to engage with the world and explore wild life and acquire fact based knowledge. My course was niche at the University of Derby which enabled me to be a stronger candidate amongst my peer competitors. I started at the BBC as a researcher speaking to scientists who are the life-blood of any wildlife programme. I was working in the Natural History Unit at the BBC in Bristol. I then went on to work in the field and spent four years working on Frozen Planet, which took 7,000 crew hours to shoot in the Antarctic with the temperature plummeting to -50 degrees at times."