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Research Ethics

The University Research Committee is responsible for all matters associated with research ethics and integrity.  The University lead for research integrity is the Head of Applied Research; Jo Hutchinson. 

The research ethics policy and code of practice is concerned with establishing key principles that underpin sound ethical research practice. 

University of Derby Research Ethics Policy and Code of Practice June 2011

Each College has its College Research Ethics Committee.  Their purpose is to ensure that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards.  Specifically their role is to implement the policy and associated guidelines.  This relates to research activities undertaken by all staff and visiting researchers, and students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research awards. 

College Research Ethics Committees report to their College Research Committee which in turn are accountable to the University Research Committee chaired by Professor Richard Hall. 

The implementation of research ethics policy is described in our Guidance document. 

Guidance notes on implementation of research ethics policy