Health and wellbeing

Our agenda for wellbeing

Access to good health and wellbeing is a human right and has been identified as one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). The UNSDG health and wellbeing agenda seeks to ensure that everyone can access the highest standards of health and health care — not just the wealthiest.

Our research aims to stimulate discussion around the very nature of health and wellbeing and what it means to communities in the UK and throughout the world. It focuses on the following areas:

Research Centres

Research on health and wellbeing is primarily led by the College of Health and Social Care and College of Life and Natural Sciences, within the Health and Social Care Research Centre and the Human Sciences Research Centre. The Nature Connectedness Research Group aims to understand people’s sense of relationship with the natural world and their improved mental wellbeing.

Our latest health and wellbeing research news

woman sat of a sofa looking tired

Scientists at the University of Derby are leading a pioneering international study to improve the lives of people suffering with the prolonged and life impairing impacts of long-Covid.

Woman with blonde hair working on a laptop while sitting on a sofa.
Yellow police tape with the the words 'Police Do Not Cross' in black letters

Findings of international collaboration is attracting interest from law enforcement agencies across the world.

Blood being processed through a kidney dialysis machine

Two-year project will use data to develop a predictive system for monitoring dialysis patients' blood pressure levels.

Research into our connection with nature is helping staff at UK's largest conservation charity to understand how people experience places.

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