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Innovative approaches to cloud computing

Education, health and business

The University of Derby has worked with a range of partners to develop and apply cloud-computing solutions in a number of contexts. Our work in this field includes widening participation in higher education, facilitating new drug discovery and supporting an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) in the development of new products, services and markets.

In 2012, University of Derby Professors Lu Liu and Nick Antonopoulos established an international research partnership with a number of Chinese Universities, funded by UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Welsh and Scottish Governments, and China Ministry of Education.

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The aim of the research partnership is the international development and application of secure, sustainable approaches to the provision of cloud computing for large scale IT systems.

By developing a number of approaches, architectures and systems, University of Derby researchers have enabled the widening of participation in higher education across nations, while also reducing the impact on global carbon emissions.

In 2012, the University supported Roche Pharmaceuticals through the development of cloud-based services for their clinical trial management system. Such services can be dynamically orchestrated and optimised as they are executed, enabling the clinical trials management lead times to be reduced and resources to be better utilised for their drug discovery process.

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