Postgraduate research students

Alofe wearing a grey t-shirt, smiling.
Postgraduate Research Student

Matthew is presently working on providing personal safety solutions incorporating cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and machine learning techniques.

Postgraduate Research Student

Dana is a final-year postgraduate research student at the College of Arts, Humanities, and Education, Department of Education. 

Taye wearing a red jacket over her shoulders, standing, smiling.
Postgraduate Research Student

Taye is a postgraduate research student within the College of Business, Law and Social Science. 

Martin Adlington wearing blue shirt
Programme Leader for Civil Engineering Construction Management

Martin Adlington is the Head of Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer, Assessor and External Examiner with significant experience in all aspects of learning, development and education over 18 years.

Muhammad sitting at a desk next to a computer monitor, wearing a shirt
Postgraduate Research Student

Muhammad is a Computer Science PhD student. He began his career as Software Engineer and later taught Computer Science after completing a masters. 

Akinniyi Akinwumiju
Postgraduate Research Student

Akinniyi is a Postgraduate Research Student in the field of Geology. He is also a fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of the PESGB (Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain) and Ussher Society.

Maoyad wearing a blue shirt, outdoors
Postgraduate Research Student

Moayad Al-Talib is a PhD candidate at the University of Derby. He has earned his MBA from Yarmouk University in Jordan and is now chasing PhD with a focus on Food Supply Chain and Supply Chain Resilience.

Wafaa sitting at a desk writing.
Postgraduate Research Student

Wafaa's research aims to critically assess the current theatre design in order to identify the effect of the quality of light and acoustics on performers' health and wellbeing.

Brandy smiling with hands on hips
Postgraduate Research Student

Brandy is a postgraduate research student at the University of Derby. Her PhD is provisionally titled Exploring Faith and Spirituality in Percy Bysshe Shelley's Works: Breaking the Myth of Shelley as an Atheist.

Postgraduate Research Student and Associate Lecturer

Kirsty is a second-year PhD student researching intergenerational physical activity, especially the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren with an aim of increasing physical activity levels in these populations.