Professor Wendy Hirsh

Position: Visiting Professor of Career Development

College: College of Education

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Wendy Hirsh MA, PhD, FCIPD works as an independent consultant and researcher on a range of people management issues especially career development, talent management, succession planning, workforce planning and leadership development. Her work on career development tends to focus on how careers operate for employed adults and within employing organisations. Her particular interests are in considering both organisational and individual perspectives in the employment relationship; linking employee development more strongly with changing business and skill needs; and helping managers and employees to tackle these career and future-related aspects of employment more clearly and more confidently.

Wendy is Principal Associate at IES, where she was formerly Associate Director, a Fellow of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC), Associate of Roffey Park Institute, Visiting Professor at Kingston and Derby universities and Associate of the Institute for Government. She has been voted into the Top 20 UK HR Thinkers three years running by HR Magazine’s Most Influential awards.

Recent assignments include several survey and case-based research projects on succession and talent management; supporting the design and implementation of talent management in Plan (a global children’s charity); training managers and HR professionals in several sectors in effective career conversations; updating the book Planning Your Career in a Week (with Charles Jackson, published by Hodder); qualitative research (with IES for BIS) on how adults make career decisions and also on changing employer practices in graduate recruitment; and creating a business-workforce dialogue tool to guide workforce strategy in rapidly changing public services (PPMA/IES).

Recent publications

Wendy Hirsh, Talent for What? Reconnecting talent management with business needs, IES Perspectives 2014, Brighton: Institute for Employment Studies, 2014

Victoria Campbell and Wendy Hirsh, Talent Management: A Four-Step Approach, Report 502, Brighton: Institute for Employment Studies, 2013

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Wendy Hirsh, Sue Evans and Leatham Green, The business-workforce dialogue: A framework of questions to support planning in a time of change, PPMA and IES, 2013

Rob Nathan and Wendy Hirsh, Developing sustainable career coaching in the workplace, Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, Issue 30, March 2013, pp 33-38

Wendy Hirsh, Planning for Succession in Changing Times, Corporate Research Forum, September 2012

Wendy Hirsh and Peter Reilly, Obtaining customer feedback on HR: Who dares wins, People Management, January 2012, pp 32-35

Wendy Hirsh and Charles Jackson, Planning Your Career in a Week, third edition,London: Hodder Education, 2012

Duncan Brown and Wendy Hirsh, Performance Management: Fine Intentions, People Management, September 2011, pp 34-37

Wendy Hirsh with Rob Briner, Evidence-based HR: From Fads to Facts? Corporate Research Forum, August 2011

Wendy Hirsh, ‘Positive career development for leaders’ in Leadership in Organizations: Current issues and key trends (2nd edition), edited by John Storey, Routledge, New York & London, 2010

Wendy Hirsh, ‘Managing Talent – Keeping it simple’, Strategic HR Review, Vol 9 No 5, 2010 pp 30-31

Penny Tamkin, Gemma Pearson, Wendy Hirsh and Susannah Constable, Exceeding expectation: the principles of outstanding leadership, London: The Work Foundation, 2010

Wendy Hirsh, Clarifying your learning and development strategy, a three part series for Training Journal : Part 1 pp 56-60 April 2009, Part 2 pp 48-53 May 2009, Part 3 (with John Burgoyne) pp 31-34 June 2009.

Valerie Garrow and Wendy Hirsh, Talent Management: Issues of Focus and Fit, Public Personnel Management, Vol. 37 No. 3, Winter 2008, pp389-402

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