Jane Artess

Jane Artess

Position: Visiting Fellow of Career Development

College: College of Education

Research Centre: International Centre for Guidance Studies

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Jane began working in higher education as a tutor of the postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance at Manchester Metropolitan University following many years working in local authority careers services. She described it as ‘putting practice back into theory!’ and she particularly enjoyed establishing new academic and professional courses.  As senior learning and teaching fellow she managed PGCE and masters programmes in post-compulsory education. Developing research interests led to Jane being appointed as Director of Research at HECSU (the Higher Education Careers Services Unit) where she commissioned the Futuretrack studies and developed HECSU’s research work for clients including Higher Education Funding Council for England, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Universities UK and the Higher Education Academy as well as individual institutions and professional bodies.

Jane’s work has involved contributing to conferences and work programmes in the USA, Denmark, Holland, Romania, Serbia, and all over the UK and Ireland.

Teaching responsibilities

Previous teaching experience includes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and/or course leadership of programmes of initial training (for careers work and for teaching); continuing professional development courses for teachers; part-time and distance learning masters programmes and bespoke consultancy training.

Research interests

Jane’s predominant research interests focus on transition into the graduate labour market and work-related learning in higher education. She is also interested in career and educational progression - including issues surrounding social mobility and access to graduate employment amongst those from diverse backgrounds. She maintains an interest in theories of career development and has recently contributed to a pilot to put the career adaptability inventory online.

Jane has contributed as observer at HEFCE’s Higher Education Public Information Steering group, and Universities UK’s Innovation and Growth Policy network and given evidence to the House of Lord’s inquiry into youth unemployment  (January 2014) and the NUS’s future of work commission (June 2014).


Jane holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Leeds and a Master of Education from the University of Sheffield. She is also qualified to teach in post compulsory education and holds a diploma in careers guidance.

Jane is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; a Fellow of the Career Development Institute and a Fellow of the National Association of Careers Education and Counselling. 

Recent publications


  • J. Artess (2017) Creative Apprentices and Envoys: routes to employment and participation, Blackpool, LeftCoast.  UDORA Link awaited at present.
  • J. Artess, T. Hooley, and R. Mellors-Bourne (2017) Employability:  A review of the literature 2012 – 2016, York, Higher Education Academy.  UDORA Link awaited at present.
  • J. Artess and T. Hooley, (in press) ‘Towards a new narrative of postgraduate career’ in R. Erwee, P.  Danaher, and F. F. Padro (eds) University Development and Administration. Post-graduate Education in Higher Education' Sydney, Springer.
  • J. Artess, and C. Shepherd (2017) Future First Alumni in the Curriculum Evaluation, London, Future First.  UDORA Link awaited at present.


  • Artess, J. (2016). Evaluation of Careers Yorkshire and the Humber: inspiration activity and good practice guide.  Derby:  International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.
  • R. Neault, J. Artess, S. H. Tien, S. Hopkins, and G. Arulmani, (2016) ‘Reflections from a Global Perspective: Career Development Training, Certification, Supervision, and Professionalization of Practice’, Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning.  UDORA Link awaited at present.


2011 – 2014

  • Artess, J. (2014). Changing conceptions of students' career development needs. In Lazic, M. Serbia within European Paradigm of Career Guidance – Recommendations and Perspectives. Paper presented at the International Careers Conference, University of Niš, Serbia, 24th October 2013 (pp. 18-24).
  • Artess J. (2014). Taught postgraduate employability and employer engagement: Masters with a purpose, Higher Education Careers Services Unit, Universities UK.
  • BIS (2014) Learning from Futuretrack: studying and living at home, Research Paper, 167, London. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
  • J Artess, C Ball, P Forbes and T Hughes (2014) Employer Engagement with Taught Postgraduate Courses, for Universities UK.
  • i-graduate with J Artess, P Forbes and A Ripmeester (2011) Supporting Graduate Employability: HEI practices in other countries, BIS research paper no 40, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.
  • H Higgins, J Artess and J Redman (2012) Career support for career developers: a literature review for the Open University.

Professional publications

From the archive:  2001 – 2010

  • J Artess and K Carter (2001) Final Report of the Work Based Learning and Skilling Advice and Guidance in SMEs Project,   Centre for Career Development,  Manchester Metropolitan University for the North West Regional Technology Web.
  • J Artess and K Carter (2000) Beam Me Up Scotty:  Using Action Research on Board the (Small) Enterprise.  Paper presented to the Collaborative Action Research Network international conference, Dunchurch Centre, Rugby, UK.  October 2000.
  • J Artess and K Carter (2000) Researching Work-based Learning and Skills Development in the Small Business Sector; an action centred approach to evidence based practice.  Paper presented to the Learning and Skills Development Agency Research Conference, University of Warwick, UK, December 2000 and published in CDRom format of conference papers.
  • J Artess and K Carter (2001) The Career Development Needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; combining research with the delivery of advice and guidance.  Paper presented to the ‘Going for Gold’ international career development conference, Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, Canada, March 2001.
  • J Artess (2002) ‘Guidance and Career Development Learning: an outcome of a research project into identifying the advice and guidance needs of SMEs’ in Learning and Teaching in Action 1,3,pp 39-42 Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • J Artess (2003) ‘How Adults Really Learn – or what we think we know about how they learn’ Learning and Teaching in Action 2,2, Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • J Artess and J Bimrose (2007) 'Research into Career-related Interventions for Higher Education:  What do we know and what do we need to know?' in Career Research and Development, 17, Spring 2007 pp 12 – 15
  • J Artess, C, Ball and P, Mok (2008) Higher Degrees: postgraduate study in the UK  2000/01 – 2005/06, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (Research paper 08/16)
  • J Artess (2009) Choosing Higher Education CEIAG Briefing, Sheffield, DIUS.
  • HECSU (2010) (authors: J Artess, C Ball and A Papadatou), Changes in student choices and graduate employment as part of the Recession to Recovery series for Universities UK, published at www.universitiesuk.ac.uk
  • H Higgins, J Artess and I Johnstone (2010) Students’ Experiences of full-time Foundation Degrees report for Foundation Degree Forward available on the HECSU and HEA websites at www.hecsu.ac.uk and www.heacademy.ac.uk

Older: up to 2000 (former name was McNeill)

  • D Hustler, J Bocock, K Carter, R Halsall, P Hodkinson and J McNeill (1996) Final Evaluation of the Guidance and Learner Autonomy Project, Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • D Hustler, J Callahan, M Cockett and J McNeill (1997) Choices for Life: Evaluation of Phase 1 – the Interim Report, Manchester Metropolitan University.
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  • M Cockett, J Artess and H Colley (1999) Evaluation of the Bridging Exclusion Project. Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • J Artess, H Hodkinson, P Hodkinson and P Mervyn (1999) St Helens VEC: ways forward, Manchester Metropolitan University Centre for Career Development/Enterprise plc, for St Helens Forum for Education and Training.
  • J Artess (2000) in G Peek (eds) Standards in Action Further Education National Training Organisation.
  • M Cockett, J Artess and H Colley (2000) Evaluation of the Bridging Exclusion Project. Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • J Artess, H Colley, M Issitt, H Piper, J Rose and C Whittingham (2000) Evaluation of the Youthstart Project 1998 – 1999:  Inter-agency support for young people – mentoring in pre-employment training.  Manchester Metropolitan University.

Recent conferences

Selection of recent presentations:

  • NSA HE and Schools Partnerships conference, London, May 2010.
  • CEI/University of Warwick, 14–19 Work-based Learning, November 2011.
  • British Council/LEAP, Bucharest, February 2012.
  • European Universities Association, TRACKITT conference, Aarhus University, June 2012.
  • Wales STEM Celebration conference, Cardiff, June 2012.
  • Employability conference, University of Ulster, May 2013.
  • Serbia with European Paradigm of Careers Guidance,  University of Nis, October 2013.
  • UUK Postgraduate Education conference, July 2014.
  • National Student Survey national conference, London, November 2014.

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Email: j.artess@derby.ac.uk
Campus: Kedleston Road site, Derby Campus