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iCeGS contributes to the evidence on #CECwhatworks

6 December 2017

Researchers at iCeGS led three webinars as part of the Careers and Enterprise Company’s Webinar series on what works in careers and enterprise. Researchers presented evidence on transition programmes for young people with SEND, career websites and teacher CPD by employers.

Research by iCeGS cited in the UK Government's new Careers Strategy

6 December 2017

The UK Government’s careers strategy has highlighted research conducted by iCeGS on Career Leaders as they unveiled funding to train 500 careers leaders in schools and colleges.

The Final Report - Evaluation of Careers Yorkshire and the Humber Inspiration Activity and Good Practice Guide

15 August 2017

Evaluation of Careers Yorkshire and the Humber - Inspiration Activity and Good Practice Guide. Authored by: Jane Artess & Dr Jill Hanson, iCeGS in March 2017.

ERASMUS+ Project - MYFUTURE met at University of Derby on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th & Friday 17th February 2017

22 February 2017

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGs) hosted the initial meeting for an Erasmus+ project ‘MYFUTURE’ last week with partners from Hertfordshire, Italy, Malta and Romania in attendance.

ERASMUS+ Project held in Newcastle from 7th - 9th February 2017

21 February 2017

The iCeGS team members Nicki Moore and Frazer Smillie attended the penultimate meeting of an Erasmus + project in Newcastle from 7th - 9th February. The meeting was also attended by colleagues from Aarhus University, Denmark; EKS, Prague, Czech Republic and the meeting hosts, Justice Prince.

Kent Coastal Challenge Project Report Published

23 November 2016

The project report for the Kent Coastal Challenge project has now been published. The project which was funded by Kent County Council encompassed a survey of career education provision in coastal schools in Kent and an in-depth case study of four schools in Thanet.

Developing a new generation of careers leaders

21 November 2016

We have just published an evaluation of the Teach First Careers and Employability Initiative. I think that this was a very important development as it took some of the thinking that we’d done in the Teachers and Careers report from 2015 and developed a CPD programme to make it a reality.

Young people’s careers education and guidance in North Yorkshire

5 October 2016

Nicki Moore was invited to provide specialist input at the recent meeting of the Young People’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee for North Yorkshire County Council on 30th September 2016. The event was called so that elected Council Members could understand how people and organisations in North Yorkshire support young people through the transition from education into the workforce.

Young Enterprise - Evaluating the impact of the Team Programme: New publication now available

15 September 2016

This report sets out the findings of the evaluation of the Team programme conducted by the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby in 2016.

Available now: A new publication into the impact of social pedagogy training in Lincolnshire

1 September 2016

Available now: A new publication into the impact of social pedagogy training in Lincolnshire

Available now - World-class apprenticeship standards: Report and recommendations

16 June 2016

World-class apprenticeship standards: Report and recommendations

A Career in Careers Survey - iCeGS in partnership with the CDI is undertaking a Research Project

2 June 2016

iCeGS in partnership with the CDI is undertaking a research project to find out why career changers choose to work in the career development sector. Little is known about the career development workforce and we would like to better understand the enablers and barriers to attracting new people to our profession. We would value your thoughts on this topic, and all information will be anonymised.

7Cs The launch of new teacher resources to support the development of digital career literacy

12 May 2016

The launch of new teacher resources to support the development of digital career literacy - a new resource for teachers and career development practitioners. The resource will help them to enhance learners’ digital career literacy skills. The resources include lesson plans, worksheets and presentation slides based around the 7Cs of digital career literacy.

iCeGS commissioned by Careers Yorkshire and the Humber to evaluate its work under the government's 'inspiration agenda'.

9 May 2016

iCeGS commissioned by Careers Yorkshire and the Humber to evaluate its work under the government's 'inspiration agenda'.

ICT Education in Kosovo

23 March 2016

ICT in Education in Kosovo - Nicki Moore is currently involved in an EU funded project in Kosovo. The project is over two years and aims to develop the ICT infrastructure in the country.

Understanding career management skills: Findings from the first phase of the CMS LEADER project

12 February 2016

The International Centre for Guidance Studies recently completed a report outlining the findings from research into the needs and provision of career management skills (CMS) in six European Countries.

Sector inquiry: Colleges as Community Careers Hubs

10 August 2015

The National Association for Managers of Student Services (NAMSS) in Association with the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) are holding a sector inquiry to examine the role of further education colleges in supporting career development in England.

D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership

14 July 2015

The Employability Framework is being launched today at the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership Annual Conference.

Career Management Skills Survey

14 April 2015

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) and Cascaid are the UK partners for an Erasmus + project (LEADER, LEarning and Decision making resources). They are conducting a project on career management skills. Please fill out our survey.

Nicki Moore and Tristram Hooley publish a new report for icould

30 March 2015

icould, is an online careers resource which provides individual’s with access to the work and life experiences of hundreds of people in the form of online careers films.

Evaluating training in social pedagogy for Lincolnshire County Council

30 March 2015

Nicki Moore, of iCeGS, is leading a project on social pedagogy, alongside other staff at The University of Derby.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and e-learning in the Kosovo Education system

30 March 2015

Nicki Moore from iCeGS is working with European partners to develop the ICT and e-learning expertise and infrastructure in Kosovo.

Survey invitation! Research into Higher Apprenticehips

17 March 2015

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) are inviting people to assist them with their research into Higher Apprenticeships.

Careers in homebuilding

10 March 2015

Nicki Moore and Simon Bysshe from the International Centre for Guidance Studies have been working with the NHBC Foundation to undertake research into young people’s attitudes to careers in homebuilding.

iCeGS publishes a new report for Teach First

4 March 2015

Tristram Hooley, A.G. Watts and David Andrews have published a new report for Teach First. The report looks at the role of teachers in relation to the provision of career support in schools.

Survey invitation

19 January 2015

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby and the School of Psychology at the University of East London are conducting a research study about giving advice on career image. They are inviting people to take part in a survey.

Gatsby project summary

10 December 2014

What does good careers practice in schools look like? This was the question posed to iCeGS from the Gatsby Charitable Trust – set up by Lord Sainsbury. Their interest derived from the need for the UK to attract, train and retain more young people into STEM learning so that they continue into STEM-related careers.

Please take part in a survey for the Royal Mail

10 December 2014

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby is undertaking a research project on behalf of the Royal Mail to assess the importance of writing skills and in particular letter writing skills to businesses and organisations. We are inviting individuals to take part in the survey.

Advancing Ambitions: The role of career guidance in supporting social mobility

27 November 2014

The International Centre for Guidance Studies was funded by The Sutton Trust to investigate the role of career guidance in social mobility and to assess the impact of recent policy in the area.

The Evidence Base on Lifelong Guidance

27 November 2014

The International Centre for Guidance Studies was commissioned by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) to present the existing international research base on the impact of lifelong guidance, including its educational outcomes, economic and employment outcomes, and social outcomes.

iCeGS external evaluation of the Legacy Careers Project 2013-14

15 April 2014

iCeGS staff John Marriott and Tristram Hooley have published the final evaluation report of the Legacy Careers Project. The report concluded that the Legacy Careers Project, a programme delivered by Future Foundations and the London Legacy Development Corporation, has provided schools with an impactful, appealing and cost-effective way of delivering a high quality career education programme.

Education and Training Foundation: research into ITE

10 March 2014

iCeGS together with colleagues from the School of Education at the University of Derby are reviewing aspects of initial teacher education (ITE)in further education provision that will inform the Education and Training Foundation’s strategy and operational activities.

Understanding the recruitment and selection of postgraduate research students

27 January 2014

iCeGS are working with CRAC and Vitae, to undertake research for HEFCE to build a picture, from an HE institutional perspective, of the market for prospective postgraduate research(PGR) students in England, how they are recruited and selected, and their role in the HE research base.

Improving the recruitment of young people into home building

10 January 2014

iCeGS in partnership with the Career Development Institute (CDI) have been commissioned by the National House Building Council (NHBC) to undertake a programme of research and development activities designed to improve the recruitment of young people into the home building industry.

Strategies to improve the quality of initial teacher education for teachers in the education and training sector

6 January 2014

The study is funded by the Education and Training Foundation and aims to identify strategies which will enhance the quality of initial teacher training for the education and training sector.

Higher education outreach to widen participation: toolkits for practitioners

3 January 2014

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) commissioned iCeGS in partnership with the Progression Trust to develop widening participation toolkits to support universities and colleges in delivering access and outreach work

Researching school leadership, career related learning and STEM

2 December 2013

The aim of the research was to identify which factors shape senior leadership team decisions with regards to STEM career related learning in schools. We aimed to find out how schools plan and manage their career related learning and how that might influence pupils' knowledge of the wide range of STEM careers and their progression routes.

Chwarae Teg: Boys and girls perceptions of job and career choice

13 November 2013

Chwarae Teg commissioned research from two research centres at the Universities of Derby and Aberystwyth who specialise in research about career decision making and education and lifelong learning. This is the final report.

Final meeting of the ERASMUS multinational project

22 October 2013

Staff from iCeGS recently visited the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava for the final meeting of the ERASMUS multinational project.

Youth Guarantee Concept Note

22 October 2013

iCeGS Researcher Jo Hutchinson and Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze from National Labour Office, Budapest have produced a Youth Guarantee Concept Note for the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN).

Supporting the development Life Long Career Guidance in Croatia

15 October 2013

Nicki Moore provided consultancy services as a short term expert to Tribal Education as part of a wider project to support the development and implementation of the Life-long career guidance (LLCG) pilots.

NAHT Aspire School Improvement Programme: external evaluation

10 October 2013

How can primary schools that are not performing well be supported to become much better? This is the critical question posed by NAHT who, with the support of the DfE, are piloting a new approach to school improvement.

Evaluation of Derby Local Area Coordination

24 September 2013

Researchers in the School of Education and Social Science, University of Derby (including iCeGS researchers) have recently completed research for Derby City Council to evaluate the impact of the Local Area Coordination learning site.

Social pedagogy: A scoping report for Derbyshire County Council

26 June 2013

Derbyshire County Council commissioned the University of Derby to undertake a scoping project which aimed to explore how social pedagogy could be used to further enhance the continual professional development of staff and other key stakeholders who are responsible for the welfare of children and younger adults

Unistats website evaluation

27 May 2013

iCeGS in partnership with CRAC has been undertaking research for HEFCE to evaluate and inform the development of the Unistats website.

Report finds improvements in the management of researchers across Europe

24 May 2013

This report witten by iCeGS and Vitae 'HR Strategies for Researchers report' reviews plans set out by universities and research funders across Europe to improve the working conditions and career development of researchers as part of the 'HR Excellence in Research' Award process.

The Blueprint for Careers

14 May 2013

iCeGS worked with the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) to develop the Blueprint for Careers. The Blueprint for Careers is a document that individuals can use to help them to manage their approach to life, learning and work.

iCeGS project in Sri Lanka

2 May 2013

iCeGS researcher Siobhan Neary, in 2013 completed a three month project based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The project funded by the Asian Development Bank was part of a wider modernizing education programme aimed at increasing the relevancy of secondary and tertiary education to the labour market to increase the employability of young people.

Evaluation of Brightside e-mentoring

7 February 2013

Brightside have commissioned the iCeGS to support their evaluation of the e-mentoring system. The evaluation aims to find out how the system is being used by partners and mentees and its impact upon them.

Careers 2020 Project

4 January 2013

iCeGS are working with the Pearson Centre for Policy & Learning looking at the future vision for school careers services.

Evaluation of Enthusiasm Trust

3 January 2013

iCeGS were commissioned by The Enthusiasm Trust to evaluate its community engagement programme of environmental and community based activities

Introducing a new and innovative careers resource: icould

2 January 2013

iCeGS evaluated an online careers resource called icould. icould is an innovative website which offers free, interactive careers information for young people and also provides free curriculum resources for teachers and advisers.

Equality and Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance

1 January 2013

This research was commissoned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to identify and assess the impact of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) policy and practice for children and young people aged 7 to 16 on young people's destinations post 16.

Winston Churchill Fellowship

1 January 2013

Tristram Hooley (Head of iCeGS) has completed a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Scholarship. This scheme exists to provide people with experience overseas which can enhance their effectiveness in their career or field of interest.

Y Touring Evaluation Research

1 January 2013

Y Touring Theatre Company's Theatre of Debate programmes form part of a five-year strategic project funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Tackling unemployment, supporting business and developing careers

14 June 2012

UKCES published two reports based on projects by iCeGS exploring the role that employers play in developing the careers of their employees, potential employees and the wider community.

Talking about career

30 April 2012

The research explored the relationship between the words that we use to talk about career and the way that we think about career. The research was funded by the National Higher Education (HE) STEM programme.

Enhancing Choice: The role of technology in the career support market

1 January 2012

iCeGS undertook a project for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills which sought to explore the role that technology has played in the development of the career support market.

Religion and belief in higher education: The experiences of staff and students

11 August 2011

The Equality Challenge Unit(ECU)commissioned research by the University of Derby to explore institutional policy and practice in the area of religion and belief in Higher Education.

Researchers guide to social media

6 April 2011

iCeGS were contracted by the Research information Network to conduct an investigation into the use of Social Media by researchers.

Siobhan Neary publishes article in NCGE news

23 May 2014

iCeGs researcher Siobhan Neary has recently published the article ‘Building Motivation, Achievement and progression Online: Evaluating Brightside’s Approach to Online Mentoring’ in NCGE news.