Supervisors and Staff

PGR Supervisors guide

This short guide answers questions regarding the responsibilities and matters of particular importance and interest to supervisors. It should be used in conjunction with the Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students (PGR) working towards the awards of  Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Independent Research by Thesis forming a part of Professional or Practice-based Doctoral awards for Higher Degree by Thesis. The regulations set out the rules which PGR students must follow and they include detailed explanations and guidance.


Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Regulations - Staff

These Intellectual Property Right (IPR) regulations set out the University's position in relation to all staff of the University. This approach recognises that increasingly, staff will be working in mixed-skill teams and the traditional categories of employment are of little relevance. These regulations are therefore expressed in terms of intellectual products and circumstances. The aim of these regulations is to achieve an appropriate balance of flexibility and protection for the University and its staff. It is the spirit and intention of the regulations to encourage creative activity and the business of the University. These regulations have benefited from guidance contained in the HEFCE Intellectual Property Rights in e-learning programmes (2003/08).

Guidance has been integrated into these regulations to aid understanding and help interpretation. In some instances students may be involved in the pursuit of research or in the development of teaching materials. Where it is not appropriate for the students to be offered staff contracts, it should be recognised that they are entitled to the rights set out in the University of Derby IPR Student Regulations.

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