International Projects

In 2004, our Professor Tony Watts co-authored the seminal OECD Report, which provided the platform for much research and consultancy on international policy and practice relating to career support.  In 2008 we became the International Centre for Guidance Studies to reflect the breadth of research, consultancy and partnerships that we have developed across the world. Recent international work includes providing consultancy in Sri Lanka, Croatia, Kosovo, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Australia, China, and Malaysia. We also have experience in evaluating European projects and have produced concept notes for the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN). The researchers at iCeGS have also contributed to a number of Erasmus funded projects with European partners from Italy, Greece, Spain, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania, The Netherlands and Germany

International Careers Training Sessions

Tom Staunton recently delivered a session for a local careers association based in the south of Norway looking at the UN Sustainability Goals and Green Career Guidance. Green issues have unsurprisingly been growing in the importance for the career guidance sector but countries such as Norway with significant sector of the economy based around fossil fuels face particularly challenges engaging with a Green transition. Tom’s session helped careers practitioners think about different responses that career guidance can take to the engaging with sustainability and especially how career guidance as a discipline can balance the needs of individuals, economies and the future of our planet. The session was well received and led to lots of lively debate about this important issue.

Tom Staunton recently ran two sessions for the national careers association of Malta. These sessions focussed on the interaction between digital technology and career guidance. This was especially considered in the context of the pandemic and how it has led to technology becoming more prevalent. Tom’s sessions focussed on how individuals could use digital technology for their careers and how practitioners could use technology to support their practice. Both sessions were well attended and created good opportunities to engage with Maltese practitioners. These sessions particularly built around Tom’s research from his PhD and his wider research work as well.

iCeGS research outputs include:


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