icegs annual lecture 2021

Date and time
Wednesday, 8 December 2021
15.00 - 16.30


Constructing contextualized theories in career guidance and counselling

- A North-South Intercultural Dialogue 

This year’s lecture will be given by Dr Marcelo Alfonso Ribeiro from the University of Sao Paulo and his topic will be: Constructing contextualized theories in career guidance and counselling: A North-South intercultural dialogue.

There is a growing awareness of the need to address the disadvantages experienced by individuals living in, or from countries described as being in the global south. The global south is a term often used to identify countries which are less economically developed and therefore lower-income countries. One of the ways of addressing disadvantage is through strong processes of career development however there is an inequality not just in the level of provision but also in the theories which support practice. In this lecture, Marcelo will consider the relations between power and the production of knowledge and the discrepancy between theory and reality in career guidance and counselling.  

Marcelo will consider the need to contextualise theories and practices to be able to assist the users of career guidance and counselling services in a proper and effective manner. He will explore some principles to extend the explanatory power of the theories in a contextualised way through a North-South intercultural dialogue and provide an example of an intercultural approach in career guidance and counselling.

This lecture is a free event and if you would like to attend, please register 


Marcelo Alfonso Ribeiro, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Marcelo Ribeiro has been a career development practitioner since 1993. Marcelo is now an Associate Professor at the Social and Work Psychology Department (undergraduate and postgraduate studies), at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil where he is a doctoral supervisor, and Coordinator of the Career Counselling Service.  He is a member of the UNESCO Chair in Lifelong Guidance and Counselling and the Brazilian representative of the Latin American Network of Professionals in Guidance and Counselling.