Families create vlogs in lockdown for healthy eating study

We carried out an online research study with families during the UK Government COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to encourage healthy eating. The next stage of this study is to evaluate the impact of the vlogs produced by the families.

Our research

Public Health Research Nurse Jessica Jackson and Lecturer in Psychology Dr Sophie Jackson conducted an online study with families during the COVID-19 UK Government restrictions (lockdown) about healthy eating.

Four families took part in an interactive educational healthy eating intervention, which was delivered online. The intervention taught the families about the different food groups and the importance of having a balanced diet, appropriate portion sizes, less sugar and salt, and how to understand food labels.

The families were then invited to create a vlog (video diary) at home in response to this intervention. The researchers gave guidance to families on how to maintain confidentiality and discussed safeguarding requirements. However, the families were given free creative licence on the content of their vlogs as long as they also challenged their peers to a healthy eating behaviour. 

Previous research has shown that peer-led healthy eating interventions for children are effective in influencing healthy behaviours. However, there is no research asking whether children can encourage healthy behaviours using digital media.

Two children holding fruit in front of their faces

Help us to evaluate the impact of these vlogs

Are you part of a family with a child or children in your household aged 6-14?

If yes, then please help us with the next stage of our study by watching the four vlogs and, as a family, complete a short online survey.

Complete the online survey to evaluate the vlogs

Vlog 1: Cooking at home

In Vlog 1, The Stammers family show us how to make healthy meals and challenge the viewers to make healthier food swaps.

Boy chopping cucumber on chopping board

View Healthy Eating Vlog 1 - Cooking at home video transcript

Vlog 2: What is a balanced diet?

In Vlog two, Sebastian tells us what we need for a healthy balanced diet and explains what you can do to eat healthily. 

Boy sat in garden with five bowls of fruit and veg in front of him.

View Healthy Eating Vlog 2: What is a balanced diet? video transcript

Vlog 3: Our patch - growing your own healthy food

In Vlog 3, siblings Bella and Sonny show us how they used their communal garden to grow their own healthy foods. The family also swap white rice for brown rice and give us their verdict.

Child drawn image of a broccoli

View Healthy Eating Vlog 3: Our patch video transcript

Vlog 4: Smart Shopping

In Vlog 4, Erin and her sister challenge themselves to drink more water and eat less salt. They also tell us how we can shop for healthier products. 

Girl looking through a toy basket of food shopping

View Healthy Eating Vlog 4: Smart Shopping video transcript