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Our Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) team play an important part in tackling urgent global challenges in climate change and sustainable development. Find out about the important work they carry out to support their research projects.

Latest News

The vision of our Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) is to address local, national and global goals for a sustainable future through an applied and multi-disciplinary approach.

The team not only carry out research, but also support and promote their work through various methods and channels. These activities ensure that important messages and outcomes are showcased to a wider audience to create awareness of the current global issues that are facing today's society and how we can make a difference. Take a look below to find out more:

A birds eye view of coastal lagoon

The Future of coastal lagoons and why that matters

Dr Sian Davies-Vollum presented the online webinar “The future of coastal lagoons and why that matters” for the Institute of Environmental Sciences. The webinar looks at the current state of coastal lagoons and offers opportunities to address the issues they face, with a focus on West Africa.

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