Past and Future Events

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Research Cluster

2019 Public Event, film screening of The Movement

2019 OA Funded SENCO Conference (9 July 2019)

2019 Global Challenges Week - Public Seminar - Inclusion and Special Educational Needs: Research and Publishing

2018 -2020 OA funded Derby City SENCO Forum

2018 Prof. Brian Lamb (OBE) public lecture titled: How schools can improve SEND practice and why Ofsted is your best friend.

2018 ISEND public conference: SEND Everyone’s Business

2016 Prof. Brian Lamb (OBE) inaugural lecture

International Week on Perspectives of Asylum, Refuge and Migration 3-6 December 2019 with the College of Health and Social Care and the Institute of Education and Rotterdam University. The focus was the legal/policy context – Contesting dominant discourses and identity and belonging (Judith Szenasi).

Beyond Borders – Reframing the Migration Debate ESRC’s festival of Social Science focused on Migration with Professor Nando Sigona (Chair of International Migration and Forced Displacement at the University of Birmingham) 7th November 2019 organised by Palgrave Macmillan (Judith Szenasi).