Our Better Business researchers

David Thompson
Lecturer in Accounting

Lecturer in Accounting

Woman with light brown hair and glasses sitting at a table holding a discussion

Barbara is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing.

Christian Veasey in a classroom giving a lecture.
Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Christian Veasey is an experienced and creative academic with a strong international commercial background, enabling students to gain real-world perspective in their learning with academic underpinning. He is passionate about knowledge transfer and enabling students to reach their potential by engaging in the classroom and creating assignments with real zest and impact.

Liafisu Sina Yekini
Professor of Accounting and Accountability

Sina is a Professor of Accounting and Accountability and the Research Lead of the Accounting Research Cluster, the Accounting, Accountability and Ethics Group (AAEG) within the Centre for Business Improvement at Derby Business School.

Yiling Zha is a lecturer in financial economics.
Lecturer in financial economics

Yiling Zha teaches economics at the Derby Business School. Yiling earned her PhD in finance with a focus on credit derivatives and risk management. Yiling is passionate about the pricing of fixed assets and how financial markets behave.