Our researchers

Dr Shivads Sivasubramaniam
Head of Biomedical and Forensic Science

Dr Shiva D Sivasubramaniam is the Head of Biomedical and Forensic Science. His research scientific interests are trophoblast invasion and the effects of environmental pollution on developing placenta. His pedagogic research interests include medical ethics, student-centred teaching and enhancing academic integrity by developing student engagement.

Joanne Skellern in a classroom.
Senior Lecturer in Nursing (Learning Disabilities)

Joanne is the programme leader for the MSc Nursing (Learning Disabilities) programme. Joanne has worked in a range of clinical services and has experience of BSc programme leadership and supporting students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is actively involved in research and is an expert committee member for the Health Research Authority National Research Ethics Service.

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader

Simon Smith is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the MBA Global and MBA Global Finance Part-Time. Prior to working in academia he was a senior manager in the semiconductor industry and continues to work with many organisations today, with a focus on improving business operations. 

Lecturer in Biological and Forensic Anthropology (Forensic Science)

As Lecturer in Biological and Forensic Anthropology, Nivien is interested in the living person behind the skeleton. As broadly trained bio-archaeologist and anthropologist, her research and teaching draws from bio-anthropology, palaeopathology, archaeology and social theory, bridging the disciplines and exploring bodies and identities in past as well as forensic contexts.

karin spenser
Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Criminal Psychology

Karin Spenser is a Lecturer in Criminal Psychology and has both academic and professional experience in criminal psychology. From an academic perspective, her focus is on quantitative research methods, the paradigms of psychology, working with offenders, and mentally disordered offenders.

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby. He has been teaching psychology for the past 19 years, initially at the University of Manchester, then at Staffordshire University and from 2006 here at the University of Derby.

Tom Staunton teaching a tutorial
Lecturer in Career Development

Tom is a Lecturer in Career Development at the International Centre for Guidance Studies. Tom mainly teaches on the MA Careers Education and Coaching at the University and research interests focus on the way the internet, especially social media is changing the field of careers development.

Lenonardo Stella at our Markeaton Street site.
Lecturer in Computer Games Programming.

Leonardo Stella is a Lecturer in Computer Games Programming, department of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics at the University of Derby.

Lecturer in Publishing

Dr Stevie Marsden is a Lecturer in Publishing in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. She teaches on both Undergraduate and Masters Writing and Publishing programmes.

Professor in Energy and Environment

Paul is Research Chair in Energy and Environment in the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering. He represents the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Office on the University Professorial Council.

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