Our researchers

Larissa wearing a blue shirt at the University of Derby

Dr Larissa Allwork is Researcher (Impact) in the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (URKEO).  She is also a Historian who investigates how public institutions and societies engage with difficult, provocative or traumatic histories.

Tony Anosike
Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

Tony's research interests are in the areas of Supply Chain Sustainability and Resilience, Food Supply Chain, Lean and Agile Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Big Data applications in supply chain. As well as supervising PhD, MSc/MBA and undergraduate projects, he also teaches across both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in the Derby Business School.

Vladimir Antchak
Senior Lecturer in Applied Management

Vladimir Antchak is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Management at the Centre for Contemporary Hospitality.

Professor of Health and Social Care Research

Denis Anthony’s research includes pressure ulcer risk assessment, risk factors for non-communicable disease and healthcare in prisons. He has successfully supervised 26 doctoral students from the UK, Jordan, Palestine, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. He is willing to accept proposals for doctoral studies, especially from healthcare professionals.

Nicholas Apergis
Research Professor

As a Research Professor in Applied Economics, Dr Apergis's role is to support and enhance the research profile of the department either through individual or joint research efforts.

Researcher (Researcher Development)

Stuart runs the Researcher Development Programme at the University of Derby and is a research chemist by training. 

Senior Lecturer in Economics Daphne Athanasouli
Senior Lecturer in Economics, Business

Daphne Athanasouli is a Senior Lecturer in Economics, Business at the University of Derby.

Liz Atkins
Professor of Vocational Education and Social Justice

Professor Liz Atkins is a leading scholar in the field of vocational education and training (VET). She has published widely on her concerns about how VET helps low-attaining young people move from school to work and associated ethical/methodological and social justice issues. Her recent book with Duckworth (2019) is Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education (Bloomsbury).

Professor of Post-Compulsory Education

Professor James Avis is Professor of Post-Compulsory Education at the University of Derby. His research currently focuses on the policy context surrounding vocational education and training, with additional interests in intersectionality social justice, waged labour and the impact of socio-economic change on the sector.

Dr Iride Azara at the INC 2018 conference
Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events

Dr Iride Azara is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events, and active researcher across several University research groups and International recognised research associations. Dr Azara has extensive experience in undergraduate and postgraduate MSc programme management in Tourism, Events and Hospitality.

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