Our researchers

Dr Ryan Lumber
Lecture in Psychology (Online)

Lecturer for Psychology, Dr Ryan Lumber, was awarded a full scholarship for a PhD at Derby in 2013, after which Ryan worked as a Lecturer in Psychology at De Montfort University before returning to the University of Derby in 2019.

Head of Department of Natural Sciences

Paul is Head of the Department of Natural Sciences and Head of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. He is the Interim Chair of the University Professorial Council.

Barbara MacMahon
Senior Lecturer in English Language

Barbara is a Senior Lecturer in English Language.

EPM Technology Chair

Prof Maligno is the EPM-Technology Chair and Professor of Composite Materials at the Institute of Innovative Sustainable Engineering (IISE) at the University of Derby.

Professor Warren Manning sat outside the University's STEM building
Provost - Innovation and Research

Professor Warren Manning is Provost - Innovation and Research. He drives forward the University's strategic ambitions for research excellence, knowledge exchange and commercial and enterprise activities. His academic background is in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in vehicle dynamics, chassis control systems and automotive mechatronics.

Reader in Emotion Science

Dr Maratos joined the Psychology team at Derby in October 2006 and has been here ever since, in various roles from UCP Programme Leader to Chair of the Psychology Research Ethics Committee.

Gemma Marmalade giving a presentation
Senior Lecturer - Photography

Gemma Marmalade is an internationally exhibited artist, doctoral researcher, and award-winning Senior Lecturer specialising in experimental approaches to the radical intersections of photography and performance, playfully negotiating the authenticity of the artists' voice.

Elizabeth Marsh working in Forensics lab
Senior Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Elizabeth is a Senior Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She teaches on and leads modules across Biosciences programmes, and is also the Level 4 (first year) lead for Biomedical Health and Human Biology. Her research interests are in host-pathogen interactions and innate immunity, and she is leading a project on the role of Human Papillomavirus in Head and Neck Cancers.

Lesley Masters at our One Friar Gate Square site.
Lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy

Lesley Masters is programme lead and lecturer in International Relation and Diplomacy at the University of Derby. She teaches Diplomacy Theory and Practice as well as global governance and international institutions.

Paula McCloskey is a Post Doctoral Researcher in the School of Arts

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