Our researchers

Ruth Larsen
Senior Lecturer in History; Programme Leader for BA (Hons) History and Integrated Masters in History; Subject Lead for Joint Honours History

As a Senior Lecturer in History, Ruth Larsen is the Programme Leader for undergraduate History programmes. She has research expertise in British History of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, especially relating to gender history and the history of the country house.

Professor in Composite and Aerospace Engineering

Le Huirong is a Professor in Composite and Aerospace Engineering. He is currently leading a European Regional Development Fund project on 'Catalysing Growth through Research for Transport Equipment Manufacturing' to support a wide range of SMEs in D2N2 region.

Sung-Hee Lee
Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy

Dr Sung-Hee Lee has developed broad understanding in sociology and social policy, mainly focused on care and gender issues within the context of comparative study between Europe and East Asia. She is currently expanding this research agenda into a comparative study covering other East Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China.

Henry Lennon at our One Friar Gate Square site.
Lecturer in Criminal Psychology

Dr Henry Lennon is a Lecturer in Criminal Psychology. He supports both undergraduate and postgraduate courses through learning, teaching and assessment activities. He conducts applied psychological qualitative research broadly in the field of critical discursive social psychology.

Peter Lennox
Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer (in subjects related to perception, scholarship and research) to undergraduate and postgraduate Engineers and Artists. 

Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Performance Analysis

Dr Martin Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Performance Analysis at the University of Derby. As a member of the Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science Department, Dr Lewis is involved in teaching and research in the field of Biomechanics and Sport Performance, with specialisms in Computer simulation, modelling and technical sports clothing.

Associate Professor in Psychology

As an Associate Professor in Psychology, Dr Lipka teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students, contributes to staff development trainings, carries out research and supervises students, including doctoral students. As a full-time member of the University Professorial Council she contributes to university-wide initiatives supporting our researchers.

Dr Kapila Liyanage
Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management

Dr Liyanage is the Programme Leader for MSc Strategic Engineering Management and BEng (Hons) Engineering Management. He is also an active researcher and his research interests and experience include operations management, computer simulation and sustainability practices on supply chain/manufacturing performance.

Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) in Fine Art

Senior Lecturer (BA Hons) in Fine Art.  

Senior Lecturer in Engineering

Yiling is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering.

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