Our researchers

Professor Stephen Farrall
Research Professor in Criminology

As a Research Professor in Criminology, Stephen devotes most of his time to his own research interests (which include studying the impact of Thatcherism on crime and the criminal justice system, why people stop offending and the fear of crime), and helping colleagues develop their own research plans and careers. 

Tony Anosike
Dr Tony Anosike
Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

Dr Amy Baraniak
Dr Amy Baraniak
Lecturer in Psychology

Amy teaches across both the undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology programmes and is assistant programme leader for our MSc Health Psychology programme. She is also involved in supervising undergraduate and postgraduate student projects and is an early-career researcher representative on the University Professorial Council.

Ang Bartram reading book about dog theory to Oscar the dog
Dr Ang Bartram
Associate Professor and Head of Arts Research

Ang works as an artist and artistic researcher. Her research focuses on documentation as an act of ephemeral art process, and with animality and empathy (as acted and/or intuitively behaved) in human-animal companion-species relationships.

Andy Bloor
Andy Bloor
Senior Lecturer in ITE and SEND Programme Lead: iPGCE

Robert Burstow
Dr Robert Burstow
Associate Professor in History and Theory of Art

As Associate Professor of History and Theory of Art, Dr Robert Burstow leads students undertaking post-graduate research in Arts and supervises PhD students researching the history and theory of art and/or contemporary Fine Art practice. He also teaches on the BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA Fine Art programmes. He has published extensively on the history of twentieth-century British art.

Professor Neil Campbell
Emeritus Professor of American Studies

Neil's main role is to support research students towards a successful PhD outcome and to help guide and develop staff in their pursuit of high quality publications. In addition, extending his own research and publications is uppermost in his current role.

Valeria Carnevale
Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice and Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Dr Bill Esmond
Associate Professor Learning and Employment

Bill Esmond is Associate Professor, Learning & Employment. His work includes educational development activity and published analysis of vocational and higher education systems. He supports the aspirations of vocational educators for professional development and research, from local projects to doctoral study.

Prof. Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes
Professor Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes
Professor of Operations Management and Head of the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement

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