The Professoriate

The title of Professor is awarded to colleagues who demonstrate international expertise and recognition in their field.  We utilise the skills, insights and expertise of our professors to advise and support strategically important research issues across the University.  Our professoriate is led by an elected Chair – Professor Paul Lynch. 

Dr Ruth Ayres
Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning & Academic Governance)

Dr Simon Dupernex
Senior Lecturer

David Peck
Lecturer in Digital Marketing

Lorraine Baker
Lecturer for International Spa Management and Link Tutor

Matthew Parry
Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education

As a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education (ITE), Matthew is responsible for overseeing all of the Computing and ICT content across all of the ITE programmes at the University. He regularly provides continous professional development opportunities for schools within the locality and runs a Computing At School hub for teachers at the University three times a year.

Niall Hickman
Lecturer in Journalism

Lecturer in Journalism

Anthony Gregory
Lecturer in Computer Games

Kim Muir
Lecturer in Education

Sarah Chapman
Sarah Chapman
Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Phil Hardy leading a Chocolate Enrobing workshop at the Buxton Dome
Phil Hardy
Lecturer for Culinary Arts and Culinary Management